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  1. Thanks for the help Chris and Ray. I appreciate having a place to go for help and guidance. I ended up taking pump apart and it had two small pieces of pvc that broke off and wedged themselves between the two small balls inside the pump.
  2. Hello all. Wanted to ask for some help troubleshooting my 1/2 air pump. It will not prime at all. It's only about six months old and has rinsed out religiously after each use. Any suggestions?
  3. Just wanted to share my cleaning experience today. It went well but I did have to apply a second application of roof mix after I rinsed the first one. There was still a pretty good bit of algae left. I gave it an hour of dwell time and my mix should have been right. Anyone have any advise for me? Thanks
  4. Chris which hose do you recommend? I am probably going with a 1 in pump.
  5. I have to credit Kevin for my decision. I did as much research as I could and I just couldn't find a better value. What pump are you running? Hose size? Are you using a trigger gun or ball valve?
  6. Hey Chris, Thanks for the quick response. I just ordered this compressor last week https://www.eatoncompressor.com/9hp-3-cylinder-20-cfm-honda-gas-powered-wheelbarrow-air-compressor
  7. Hello RCIA, Just want to introduce myself and also say thank you to all who have contributed to this forum. The collective knowledge has been a great help thus far. I am an owner/operator of a pressure washing company and I have decided to start offering roof cleaning. I am now in the process of modifying my wash rig to include all of the needed equipment for roofs. I have purchased my compressor and I am making final decisions on pump etc etc... Any suggestions and advice would be greatly appreciated! Kevin, from Peak of Perfection, thank you for your help. Chris, thanks for all of the value and benefit that is offered through this forum. It truly makes a difference when people make a conscious decision to share what they have learned to further the success of others.
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