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  1. How do these compare to the Sandpiper pumps that you spoke highly of?
  2. Air set ups work with the Proportioner. Systems that have a return line back to the water source will not work with the proportioner.
  3. This roof was cleaned this morning using the Proportioner. It's working great for us.
  4. I've been using one for a month now...works exactly as advertised.
  5. You can always take some painters tape and make a rectangle on the ground that would represent a flat bed or trailer deck. If you don't have all of your equipment yet, you can find the dimensions online. Use more tape or chalk to represent your equipment layout inside of your surface area. It will definitely help you see how quickly space gets taken up with all of your different equipment. Leave yourself plenty of room between equipment for access, exhaust, etc. I'm having a custom open trailer built and will probably end up with 6.6x 14 flat deck without rails. Rails are for lawn trailers and only get in the way.
  6. I like the hanging of the reels from the ladder rack to free up some deck space. I will probably have a box on tongue area to carry the loose items. I have a 12v twin pump set up with two 65 gal tanks and 200ft of hose that I have been running out of my truck bed. It has been a great starter setup so far. I just received my Proportioner and will be mounting that to side of the ladder rack. Looking into custom colors so it grabs some attention and doesn't look like all the lawn trailers running around here. I need to call Kevin soon about some hose reels. I think I'll have enough room for a future air setup when the time comes.
  7. Good ideas, but its going to be an open trailer. Would love an enclosed trailer for the billboard effect, but its going in the garage so the trailer height would be limited by garage door height. So far I have figured hose reels off of the passenger side and some kind of ladder rack that I can bolt some signage up to, no side rails, and low deck height for accessibility. Will be tandem axle with brakes on both axles. I can't have a work truck in my driveway, so I need to advertise on trailer. I was able to get away with window perf on back window of truck, but that's it for advertising on my vehicle. I guess most of the custom work will be done on the ladder rack. I'm probably over thinking things, but don't want to miss any small details. Thanks for the input.
  8. I'm in the process of designing a trailer. I have to be able to fit it in my garage due to HOA restrictions. I am thinking 12ft tandem axle, flat deck trailer. I have a local custom trailer builder who says he can build me anything I want. Are there any must haves or things you would do different if you were building a trailer from scratch? I am thinking about things that can be custom made like ladder racks, hose reel mounting, space for advertising, etc. Don't want to forget anything that can be welded in during the build process. Thanks..
  9. I was having the same problem. Try Never Seize or Anti Seize. Worked For me. Use a Q tip and work it in around the collar. Don't get carried away unless you want it all over your hands. A little goes a long way.
  10. Hey guys, my name is Andrew Tinny. I'm in Montverde, Fl, which is just outside of Clermont. Looking to start a roof cleaning business soon. Enjoying the wealth of knowledge on this forum which has become an addiction. I have a name picked out which will be Tinman's Roof Cleaning. Going to get the ball rolling with the branding of the company while I decide on a set up. Have some good leads so far, so I am excited to get started.
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