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  1. I started with just “Ultimate Roof Cleaning.” Now we are “Ultimate Roof Cleaning & Pressure Washing.” www.UltimateRoofCleaning.com
  2. We are now servicing Indianapolis and the surrounding area! Ultimate Roof Cleaning & Pressure Washing Indianapolis/Carmel, IN 317-960-5300 www.UltimateRoofCleaning.com we also service Fort Wayne, IN and North East, Indiana
  3. It would be nice if ARMA contracted Roof cleaning out to us roof cleaners. I’m sure they get plenty of calls on their “algae free” shingles. They don’t last much longer than the regular ones, as far as algae resistant goes.
  4. Chris, I hope you leave this topic up. Your more than welcome to advertise the RCIA in this group anytime. I highly recommend you and the RCIA.
  5. Exclusive invitation: Join us, the "Pressure Washing Mafia." https://m.facebook.com/groups/1827009167328492 If your already a member, We’re glad to have you in the Mafia!
  6. Hey guys, just wanted to let everyone know about the Pressure Washing Mafia. We are a fast growing group of members who pressure wash, softwash and roof clean. This group is unique due to the fact that you can say whatever you want about any products. It is not monitored by paid administration. This is the real deal and the group kicks ass! Just like Chris Tucker!
  7. We’re thankful here in the Midwest we don’t have to rinse roofs. I’ve cleaned over 1,000 properties myself and rinse very few. Those are the ones with heavy moss and lichen in which I know the wind and rain won’t get to. Other than that, all we do is flush gutters and it’s all gravy :). I killed one plant out of all those roofs. Just the cost of business.
  8. Working between the rains might be a benefit. You get a free rinse the same day! As long as it’s enough to dilute the mix coming off the roof.
  9. I like the high tops with the straps on them. The soles are cheap and replaceable. $15 for a new set. They Velcro on and off. The boots are what’s pricey. $125-$160
  10. Don’t waste your money on any BS. I clean 52 outdoor dog kennels every Tuesday! I use what’s recommended by the “HUMANE SOCIETY OF THE UNITED STATES”. Which is : 32/1 water/bleach. Add a light touch of surfactant. Make sure you rinse very well! I’ve reduced kennel cough and other diseases by an enormous amount according to the Kennel owners. They love it and so do I.
  11. That’s why I love realtors! Once you do work for one and show them what we can do, they keep wanting our service!
  12. I like my enclosed trailer. I have it wrapped so it too is a billboard. Paid itself off quickly. I like the fact I can lock all my equipment up if need be wherever we are. Problem now is, I need a dual axle..
  13. So I know mixing Acid and SH will potentially kill you. Sometimes we come across roofs that have both algae and rust. Which to use first? And do you rinse after using the one?
  14. We use standard house wash mix. Works great, any gutter that isn't oxidized looks like it had just been painted. Once in a while I'll need to use soft tip brush. No big deal.
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