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  1. Like Chris said, most of the roofs we walk on here have a pretty low pitch. Shingle roofs are one thing but on some tile roofs, even without much of a pitch they can be slippery and very dangerous.
  2. Good info. Not sure how I missed this one. Haven't been on the boards much lately.
  3. We should vote on who is going to go to clean their roof.
  4. Very nice before and after non pressure roof cleaning pictures Doug. Houston Texas is lucky to have a roof cleaning company that is certified in non pressure roof cleaning. Keep up the great work sir.
  5. Things have changed a bit since this picture. We went with a 32 ft aluminum ladder and got rid of the heavy fiberglass one. We've also replaced our 50 gallon mix tank with a 100 gallon tank.
  6. We had a roof cleaning in Saint Petersburg to do yesterday. We showed up and found out they had a koi pond with 3 koi fish. I called the customer and told him he needed to do something with the fish before we could clean the roof. He said the roof was more important than the 11 yrs old fish. I couldn't believe he would even say that. I ended up telling him to do something with them and call us back if he still wanted to use us. He wasn't very happy. Neither was I. There went a $700.00 job. I wasn't gonna kill his fish though. NO WAY!!!!
  7. Great job Ray. Great advice about letting the mix solution sit over night before pressure washing. Lovethe B&A pictures. Very nice!
  8. I think I may have been too nice to my roof tech. He called last Thursday and said he got a part time job ( at the request of his better half ) and was going to be working for a lawn service 3 days a week and that he could still work Thursday and friday's for us.I basically told him that I can't run my business on 2 days a week and around his schedule so I let him go. Damn shame too. I really liked the guy and he was a great worker. I already have a new one starting this week. Let's see how this goes. Next!
  9. Roof Cleaning & Pressure Washing by All Surface Pressure Cleaning. Pinellas County Florida 727-543-3276.
  10. Nice job Al. The before and after picure of that roof cleaning says it all. Looks Great! Did you clean the driveway on that one too?
  11. My roof guy/ spray tech gets $100.00 per day no matter what. Some days we get done early and some days are long and hard. Because we also do pressure washing his duties are not just limited to roofs. He also runs the surface cleaners for concrete a paver cleaning, does house washing and pool cages and decks etc... Any pt guys that we use get $50- $60 per day depending on how big the job is. If we do a big commercial job and everything runs smoothly and we get done within the projected time frame I usually include a small bonus.
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