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  1. awesome! thanks for the responses
  2. I have seen on other sites about using bleach wash to coat and wax siding after you clean a house with SH. Are there any products other than BW that offer the same purpose but cheaper to buy? like how people buy Gain Ultra instead of Green Wash
  3. Is there anyone local around Chicago who will be willing to train me? How will I become certified from the Institute? Does this Institute offer clear step by step training blogs or videos on how to clean roofs, products to buy, marketing strategies, protecting plants, etc. I dont really understand how spraying water on my roof will train and certify me? If you can be a little more clear with my questions, I would really appreciate it..
  4. Perfect, sounds like what I am looking for. Few questions... - How will I be getting trained for the cleaning process? (e.g) videos, hands-on, forum threads,....etc. & - How do I earn my certification?
  5. I hear ya. The biggest thing for me right now is I just want to know if I will be trained and certified with the premium membership.
  6. ^ this. I am still on the fence here.. I know if I get with premium i get two forums, but what does that even mean? The traffic on this one is pretty low, is it even lower on the other one? If i ask a question is it going to take hours, maybe even days to answer? as you guys can see I have a lot of questions. I dont know the gentleman's name who runs this website, but if he could email me, or maybe even take a phone call and answer some questions that would be fantastic. ill check back here tomorrow
  7. sure pay money, its just that easy. ^ this guy haha Listen, Im sure you guys are nice and know exactly what you're doing, but reading around the forum and seeing PH levels for sodium hydro-whatever-lite makes 0 sense to me LOL. i dont know the difference between a shingle roof and a tile one. I am looking for a step by step training of all the fundamentals, before I break my neck trying to soap a roof up. Why do I even want to do this you ask? There are DIRTY ROOFS all around me. I just need to wrap my mind around the basics, and I know I could kick some ass in this business. Im kind of young. (24) and have no experience running my own business. I am sort of nervous, and just want to be confident with everything before I start. I work about 30 hours a week (UPS driver), but its at night. I feel like I could be prepping to start this business during the day before work. $$$ is sort of tight for me, but have a range of around 10K saved up to start this. I have friends willing to help out to get my name out there, and the business going before I can actually hire employees. Does anyone recommend me taking some college courses in small business? Do i even need it? I need a mentor
  8. Well, im sure both forums are great with a lot of secrets, but Id like to know what Im getting before I spend over 100$ for a forum. i know absolutely nothing about how to clean a roof. Will there be step by step tutorials on how to clean roofs? How to get certified? How to start a business? Im not really great with searching around forums too, so a clear cut step by step training process is what I am really looking for. or are these forums more for the guy who already has an established business looking for tips?
  9. im sort of looking for a step by step introduction to the entire process in order to be as successful as i can be. What will the premium membership here help someone who hasnt even cleaned a roof before?
  10. Hey Guys, my name is mike. I am looking to dive into roof cleaning. need some guidance on how to clean, what to buy, how to set up a small business. i saw this book on a different website roofcleaningbook.com and wasnt sure if it was worth paying 265$ for. Before I start cleaning I want to make sure I know how to clean a roof using all the correct products.
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