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  1. Hi Mark, I am in Cork in the South of Ireland. Send me an email at hickeys45@gmail.com and I may be able to give you some help.
  2. hickeys45


    would a mix applied with hot water work better than a mix made with cold
  3. Chris, are paid up members of the RCIA premium members of this new forum as I get a message saying members only and can't access some parts of the forum.
  4. Think I must have messed up the wiring on my new pentaflex pump. It worked fine for a half an hour while I was spraying a drive. Turned it off and came back later to spray another section and nothing. All I get is a click when I turn on the breaker switch, same thing happens if I go direct to the battery. I wired the positive to the breaker switch and from there to the +terminal on the pump where I teed it with the red wire from the pump. Was that wrong or is there a problem with the pressure switch. I bought this pump months ago but never used it. Probably too late to send it back. If I bypass the pressure switch will it work ok as I have it plumbed with a bypass back to the tank. Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. I have been using magnets as well for the last couple of years. A lot of customers love them. Some think its a great idea and think more of your company because you've done something different.
  6. Chris the controller has four wires, two go to the battery and two to the pump. Everything is controlled electronically. Some of the newer ones can give the voltage of the battery and now there are ones that can tell the purity (ppm) and temperature of the water. They can even turn on gas heaters when the water drops below a preset temperature.
  7. I understand that Chris but why would it make a difference since the chemicals are not interacting with the controller only the pump?
  8. Yes Chris, depending on the type of controller you buy you can adjust the flow rate and also adjust the pressure. The standard window cleaning controllers probably would not be able for the fat boy or the pentaflex. I will contact the guy who made my controller and ask him if he can make one to control the flow and the pressure, i imagine that there wont be any problem in doing it. I also know another guy that would be able to do it as well.
  9. Don't know much about pumps, however for window cleaning we use "varistreams" to control the flow. I had one made up to control the Flo Jet Pentaflex pump I have for my new van ( if I ever get it set up, had to wait for it to be valued by Irish Revenue ( import) and now cant find anyone to fit roller doors on it, promised by a couple of people but they never got back to me so the van sits idle 6 weeks after buying it. Anyhow I will let you guys know how it works out when it is fitted. Here is a link to Gardiner pole systems - to give you an idea of what I am talking about . http://www.gardinerpolesystems.co.uk/acatalog/System___Pump_Controllers.html
  10. I'm glad this topic came up. I sometimes paint roofs (will be painting one next week weather permitting) and as someone who had nothing to do with roofing or carpentry in the past I don't know how to estimate the sq footage of a house. I would love someone to give me a simple for "dummys" way to get a ballpark estimate. Up to now I send my suppliers a few photos of the roof and they give me an estimate. I will post some photos of the job when its finished. We pressure washed it yesterday, it was in a bad way with moss and lichen. Early next week we will have to repoint the ridge tiles and replace some broken/ cracked tiles and treat with biocide to kill any moss/lichen spores that are left.Then its two coats of paint to finish.
  11. We use builder rubble bags and put three 25 ltr water drums in each which give you 75 kgs weight. we put one either side of the house with a rope over the roof with rings attached. We each wear a harness with a long adjustable lanard and hook onto the rings. The bags can be moved to suit.
  12. Chris, If I understand you correctly the higher the ph the better cleaning results , is that correct? Would that also allow for using less SH in the mix or am i on the wrong track. Thanks Michael
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