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  1. Thank you for the encouragement Bruce. I can definitely say that at this point, being a couple of months into this business that I am, honestly, discouraged at best. Every bit of money that we have made so far has been eaten up in marketing. I am paying a guy commissions to do door knocking and am on the front page in the paper, not to mention the Facebook and Google Adwords that we are paying for at this point. I do however realize that marketing and getting my business name out there is important and actually feel that this situation is similar to the first time that we took fire in Iraq when I was in the Marine Corps and I could hear bullets cracking past my head and I knew that the only option was to run towards the enemy. I am in that situation now, feeling that we are running toward certain death, but confident that what we have learned here on this forum will pan out for us in the end. Dirty roofs are everywhere in this community and 99% of the public has no idea that they can be cleaned. We are the ONLY ones offering this service and it is new to the area. Thank you Bruce for affirming that we are on the right track to be pushing every spare dollar we have into marketing.
  2. BTW, any suggestions on a good 20 CFM gas air compressor that I can pick up for around $1,200.00?
  3. Thank you very much for your detailed reply Peak of Perfection. I am definitely going to take your advice, bite the bullet and purchase a 20 CFM compressor. Also, I would like to thank you for the vast array of knowledge that you have selflessly made available on these forums. I intend to model my operation by your example and want to be more than a roof cleaner, but a professional as well.
  4. I just opened my first barrel of 12.5% SH today and I IMMEDIATELY was able to get it all over myself. My hands feel very dry, but other than that, my clothes were the biggest loss. I now have a set of dedicated clothes just for roof cleaning, because they were completely ruined. I was wearing a chlorine rated respirator, but will make sure to wear gloves that provide adequate protection from now on.
  5. It's kinda disappointing that there has not been a reply to this topic. Have you found out anything else since you posted this Doug? I would like to know the answer as well.
  6. We are just getting started and I am in the process of setting up my rig and buying all of the right equipment. I would like to set up my business from the very beginning to be able to stay off of the roofs. In the area I am in, there are not a ton of really high roofs except on the churches. I am wanting to run a Yamada NDP15 Kynar pump (1/2") on this http://bit.ly/1jxIK2E air compressor. It puts out 9 CFM @ 90 PSI. Will that be enough to keep us from having to walk most of the rooftops?
  7. Hello, Ben from Mississippi here. Just became a premium member. We are brand new at ALL of this. All we have right now is a 4000 psi Pressure washer from Lowes - thats it! We have been in the business for all of a week and I was running into all of this info about Soft washing online. Although we are new at this, I am absolutely committed to my company being the leader in our area in knowledge and industry know how. I plan to leverage as much information as I can possibly get my hands on and make this a success. I have the advantage of having other income for the moment and am hiring a trusted and competent friend to do most of the hands on work, so I have the staying power to learn this without the temptation to cut corners because I have to put food on the table. I am looking forward to reading every single post on here and formulating a plan to succeed. I am noticing dirty, mold infested roofs everywhere I look and I do not believe that we even have any competition at the moment.
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