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  1. Why no detergent, Jeremy? Seems it would clean better and rinse better with some soap. I use soap in mine, and go about 1.5% mix usually. My soap for metal roofs is (currently) 3/4" Snotmenade and 1/4 Terra Wash. same as my house wash soap. I like using Final Wash too. It evens it out and makes it look great.
  2. Will do. I cleaned a tile roof today but since it was tile I used my house wash soap instead. I've got three shingle roof cleanings next week so I'll be using the Green Wash. I bought it directly from the SoftWash Systems office in Sanford, FL. I don't think it was any cheaper than anywhere else, but since I was there it saved me shipping.
  3. Interesting, because I also just tried Green Wash. I was in Orlando a couple of weeks ago and bought a 5-gallon. I haven't done a roof yet (will next week) but tried it on a house wash and liked it. Main thing I liked is that it's not too sudsy and rinsed nicely.
  4. Personally, I wouldn't want to have ONE employee without insurance. Guys get hurt. Just a few weeks ago one of my helpers tripped over a log that was close the house and landed on a ladder we had (stupidly) laid on the ground and not put away yet. Cut his hand. Now...he didn't need medical treatment, but that's the kind of stuff that can happen so easy. You have one guy break a bone or worse and you don't have a way to help him. On top of that, from a homeowners perspective. I don't want anyone working on my property that isn't insured. It falls on your homeowners policy and that's bad news.
  5. I'm in TN and exempted myself as the business owner, so I didn't have to have it until I hired an employee. That said, I only hire ground guys so their rate is low. I'm still the only one who climbs a ladder (but that will change in the spring) and I'm the ONLY one who ever steps on a roof. You want to stay away from that roofer classification (5551) as long as you can.
  6. I clean most every roof at 40% using 12.5% SH that is never super fresh (best we can get here). spray it once, let it dwell. spray it again. let it dwell, then look for dark spots and hit those again. This is what I do almost every time. The moss on yours should turn white almost immediately. If it's still green, then you've definitely got a weak mix or bad bleach.
  7. I wore white cotton Dickie's painters shorts all summer with no problem. They don't get wet. BUT the same ones in long pants were shredded around my boots in almost three weeks. Now I'm wearing the Dickie's 874 work pants. I wish they had pockets on the legs for all the nozzles and such I stick in there.
  8. I don't use gain ultra, although I have tried it. It smells nice and works great, but it tends to separate if you leave it in the storage tank. It's my soap storage tank that is 7 gallons. 5 gallons lasts about two weeks with the proportioner.
  9. How much time are you giving it between chemical application and rinsing? If you're getting a 10% or so mix through your downstream, you should be fine with full strength SH in your bucket (plus soap). You've got to give it some time though. Don't keep piling chemical on top of chemical. It needs air and time to work. Also make sure your injector is working. I use a 5.5gpm machine and it's a little too strong if I use full strength. I normally wash with my 12 volt though, but I'm warming up to downstreaming.
  10. Not the latest thing. Our church did this 15 years ago. Don't throw them in people's yards, though. Take them to a busy park on a Saturday. Get a bunch of discs flying around. Go back and pick up any that are left...but you want find many. Most people will take them home. Home...to their house...that probably needs to be washed.
  11. Math? i've got to know math? I asked some people who know math if the proportioner was a good idea and they said "Time = Money" so I went with it. I never downstream though. I do roofs, houses, commercial, etc. Great to be able to move from job to job or surface to surface and just move a few dials.
  12. I like the Werner. I've used them for years. I have a Ladder Max too, and while I like the way it works, it's too heavy. I like how lightweight the Werner is, especially when it's on a long ladder. I like how it still puts the ladder close to the gutter but not touching it. What I DON'T like are the tips. They fall off all the time so all mine now have tape on them and look like junk. I haven't used those corner standoffs but I know a lot of people do. Why do people use the corner ones on the roof? It seems the wider stance of the other types would be better.
  13. They work great. I've never used anything different, but I can't imagine what the prep work would be like for each job if I was mixing batches. I show up to a job with my tanks full, set the dials, and start cleaning.
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