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  1. I agree, after all is said and done. I feel a lot better about going air for our first setup. It only leaves room to grow with it! No downside to me!
  2. I have a quick question for all of you guys that started out small, by yourself, or with a 2 man crew out there getting your foot in the door in this business. When you started, did you right out of the gate start your own company? By that I mean, did you get licensed, Tax ID, LLC, insured, etc. Or did you get out there and do some jobs first (cash or what have you) until you saw that it was a viable option to really go into it and then get all the ducks in a row? I know a lot of people started small and part time which is why I ask. I am asking this out of my own general curiosity as we are going to be starting our own and are going to get everything in order up front. We have our setup, now, in mind and starting to acquire the pieces here and there before our first season come spring. But wanted to know what the small to large companies of the forum experienced starting out and if you have any good suggestions on what worked well for you. Thank you so much in advance!
  3. That's a very good point, Matt. I like that thought process. Better to have too much work and justify the upgrade rather than have the upgrade and not have the work to justify it. The 12v would definitely be a good back up or use for another rig setup that can be used for a different 2 man team if we do upgrade. I know I'm getting ahead of myself with that one, but a man can dream, right? Lol. So many decisions! Aaaaaaghhhh!
  4. This is incredible information, guys! Thank you so much! I am so torn on what to go with as well after all of this, I am definitely thinking too much into it. I had, in my own head, decided that the 12v would have been the best bet to start out with for the first season and then make a bigger upgrade from there if need be or if that burns out for some reason (we would definitely take care of rinsing, maintenance, etc). But now I am wondering if it is just worth spending the extra coin now and not having to worry about the rig for a while and know it is an ample setup for the multitude of job types here that we may encounter. We are definitely signing up for the premium membership tomorrow, so that will open up a wealth of information as well. Thanks so much for the input thus far. Keep it coming (please)!
  5. I'm the best friend. Any information would be incredibly helpful as we are very motivated and are eager to join the low pressure family!
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