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  1. Nice. Hows the pricing and what material is it? 100% poly?
  2. 7x14 enclosed for a 8gpm and a fat boy.
  3. Yeah man! Had to go with 2 100ft sections like you did.
  4. https://www.eleyhosereels.com/collections/garden-hoses/products/3-4-polyurethane-garden-hose Eley hose, purchased a couple myself also
  5. Just another step to separate you from others (in a positive way), being entered into the directory, you will gain knowledge from it, more credibility, etc. etc. Basically like a college degree in comparison the way I look at it. That's for the test... As for the premium member aspect, there's years and years and years of key information listed right out in front of you to read and learn, that you'll never find anywhere else, which pays for itself.
  6. I think I'm going to have to just give it a shot regardless, unless the mean green becomes available asap. Factory direct couldn't give me any info on when they'll have it, so hopefully this "Eley" turns out great
  7. Thanks, fairly close in comparison to the quality of a Mean Green?
  8. Factory Direct has been out of stock of the mean green for months now.... It's frustrating... They said they're waiting on the supplier and have no clue what the hold up is.
  9. I didn't even think about dragging the hose through the mix. I was up on my ladder today messing around at my 2 story house and I actually like the roof edge from the ladder, it was sturdy and feels like I will have no problem doing it that way most of the time
  10. I like where you're coming from Jeff. I'm glad I have more than a pump up sprayer though haha. I've always felt the way you're saying but the more thinking and reading I do, the more my thoughts tend to change. I think I'm going with what you say for now, which is what I had intended on until recently. Hopefully my ladder with stabilizers and standoff will do the trick for most all residential. And like you said I'll learn and improve as I go for sure.
  11. So you never have a problem doing most everything from the ladder? Im just getting a feel for things and trying to find out what works best for me. I just thought being on the roof minimizes run off, minimizes the amount of mix you use, makes things easier, etc. it's not that I want to ever get up there haha..... I'm just trying to figure it all out.
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