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  1. I normally rinse a few feet up from the drip edge. It makes me sleep better at night. Gutters or not. I do this all the time.
  2. Chris can you chime in on how you would clean anything copper on a house with SH, and how strong your solution should be to do so. Thanks
  3. Will SH damage new copper? on homes, or will it turn it green at a certain strength?, just curious. We dont get many homes up here in Michigan with copper, but I think I might be bidding one soon. Thanks in advance Team.
  4. Awesome, thank you Chris. I am glad to see you are feeling better sir. I look forward to speaking with you when you get time.
  5. Awesome insight Bruce. I love it . This is my second year doing this very part time, and its taken me at least that to get my website, marketing material etc..., going finally, but I can only clean on weekends, and I still have a generic setup. so its very hard to get up and moving into this full time up here in beautiful Central, Michigan. Any advise Lol.
  6. Water first on my rig, then SH, etc..., but I am using the drop stick method still, but make sure you get the Mixology right, or your going to burn up grass and plant's etc......, just FYI.
  7. Hello All, I read this thread and really learned a lot in regards who to contact as an asset that will throw work your way, and also the options for places to buy tanks. I do have a question for Gene, how was that pump kit that you bought that you mentioned at the top of the thread. I am about to order a pump kit , but not sure what would be the best fit. Please advise. Thanks
  8. Thank you for the helpful info Curb Appeal. Much appreciated.
  9. I started with getting my DBA a few years ago when I first started part time, I think your DBA is good for at least 5 years with the county you live in. I also got my Tax ID # also in the beginning, and started working on my brand name and Logo. I am coming out of the gates full time in the spring of 2016, and have my website fully functional and got a lot of traffic at the end of the year from it. I am still only have the same documentation that I started with also. I am now starting to look into putting together a small trailer, but I am curious if any of you guys would suggest on open utility trailer, or enclosed. What works better in this Softwashing industry. I have been using my truck that i bought last year, but I learned the hard way, that when your truck breaks down, and you have no back up plan when you are first starting out, it shuts you down real quick. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks guys.
  10. I just tried that, but it did not work. Every time I click on the members only tab on the old site, it still tells me that I need to be a premium member.
  11. Hello, Just curious in regards to how you proceed after you pay your $129.00 premium membership. I paid it , but have not heard back from anyone yet in regards to proceeding from this point. and still cant get in the other forums. Thoughts anyone?. Thank you. Best Regards, Shaun Harton.
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