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  1. Occupational license go to your city permit department.
  2. Hello people, roof cleaners of the world, my name is Phercy, I live in Greenacres, Fl. Recently joined and became a premium member, I have done roof cleaning for many years but only with soft wash equipment for 3 years, I used a 50 gallon tank, shurflo 3.6 gpm, 3/8" hose, marine battery, i made a bunch of quick plug fittings just like a pressure cleaner, what i headache but at least much better than using a home depot pump and come down the ladder to load. Recently i bought equipment in different places, a 5/8" kuri tec hose, titan 18" reel, 125 gallon tank, still electric delavan fat boy, since i'm starting my own company just now i will be getting updated in equipment later on. Anyway hope for your quick recovery and my best regards. Phercy.
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