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  1. I am new. I have a question. For 100 gallon of water what do you mix with it just product. Can someone give me how and what I need for a good mix. Spell it out please. Doing tile and shingles in south Florida. Thanks
  2. Sorry lady's I wouldn't thinking. Thanks for the advice but I am not to good on this computer stuff. I have facebook but most of my friends are from South American and Russia. lol. Really. I can try a few of these things but a web page and the other I P address ????? don't have a clue. Maybe when you have some extra time you can spell it out for me.
  3. Thanks, I was in the car business for many years. That is a 100 percent right. And also I would like to add the first 5 sec. of meeting someone I can tell if I like them are not. I have read some really good stuff on here. You can teach a old dog new tricks. Lol
  4. Hello Men, I am new to this roof washing business. I am 58 now and live in the Fort Myers Florida. I am to dam old to be climbing on these roofs would have a stroke I guess but I can find a guy to do it. I can water the trees and grass. I have a All Flow pump tk-05,5.5 air compressor, 5x10 open trailer, 2 hanney reels, and a 150 gall tank. Lora advise me to join this site and I am glad I did. Guys I need all the help I can get on here from insurance to bidding the jobs here and what the market will bear. How to get my self know here in Ft Myers. So this is were I am at. Thanks Ken
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