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  1. Yikes that sucks. How can I prevent this from happening again?
  2. I recently cleaned a building with windows that have black aluminum frames. I used a 20% mix of SH and water with some gain. The frames have these blemishes on them that almost looks like oxidation. I should have taken a picture but didn't, maybe I will and add to this post later. Anyone know why these blemishes appeared after the cleaning? Thanks!
  3. Looks like a great option. I already do something similar with my hitch (removed the ball and use the hole for my carabiner) but to have a device designed for it would be great.
  4. LOL yea I am sure they are all sold out. Hope everyone stays safe. Leave if you have too
  5. I usually use the home owners outdoor outlet but once in a while the breaker pops and the homeowner isn't home. I also do some commercial work where there is no outlet available and more recently I hooked up with a foreclosure management company and when I go do house washes for them before the property goes up for sale there is no electric on. I currently am using my big ass 5500 watt 200lb generator I had bought for my house which involves a lot of work unloading and loading into my truck and it takes up a lot of space. I am thinking about purchasing the little 2000 watt honda generator for $1000 but I wanted to see if or what anyone else my be using. I am hoping there is a generator thats more affordable but still reliable. Let me know guys thanks!
  6. I usually walk the roof and just blow it out with my leaf blower. If you can't walk the roof because of the pitch then yes ladder moving is a bitch but theres a tool called gutter tool you can get at theguttertool.com you screw it on a pool pole or extension pole and it definitely reduces moving the ladder. If your doing a roof cleaning you can cut the customer a deal on gutter cleaning since you already have the ladder out and on the roof cleaning the shingles. If I get a call strictly for gutter cleaning then $1 a foot it is. This does not include gutter polishing that takes a separate chemical then SH and is a addition cost usually done with a house wash or roof cleaning.
  7. A gutter clean out usually includes blowing out the gutters and any debris in the valleys of the roof along with blowing out the down spouts. I have lots of oaks and pines around me as well and rarely do I need to flush out the gutters with a hose. Typically if its dry it blows out pretty easily. I have a minimum cost to come out and clean gutters or do any job for that matter. I try and get a $1 per foot for gutter clean out which includes blowing off the valleys but it depends if they only have 40 feet of gutter I can't do it for $40 bucks. If the valleys are packed with a ton of leaves and I need to bag it up theres more cost if theres nothing in the valleys and the gutters are easy to blow out right into the mulch beds or off into the woods I can do a little better on the price. Most homes that have gutters have them around the entire house and your dealing with more like 150-300 feet. You can try and do a gutter shine as well but I usually suggest doing that with the house wash.
  8. I did a gutter cleaning for a guy and was bummed out when he first called because it was a small job but work is work so I did it. The following week he calls and asked if I can clean his two homes he rents as vacation rentals. Next thing I know I'm doing an $1,100 job for the guy all from an original call for gutter cleaning. Sometimes you never know what a small job can lead too. If your not slammed everyday all day with roof cleaning I defiantly recommend cleaning gutters, driveways, houses, whatever my roof cleaning equipment can clean I'll do it.
  9. Sorry I just saw this but yes Chris is right I don't use detergent on metal because of the ridiculously slippery surface it causes but like you say if your not walking then go ahead and use it. Unfortunately most of the metal roofs I have done I needed to walk in able to get to the dormers properly, I hate it! Final was does do a nice finish I was very please. Not please with wood wash though, I just used that last week for the first time and didn't see a difference.
  10. I haven't used the Green wash yet but I did use Final Wash as it was the only product i could find that was recommended for metal roofs and I have to say it works very well at the end of the job to add a wax like shine to metal roofs, vinyl siding and even rinses down windows pretty nicely. I myself did a weekend seminar with AC and decided to not buy his equipment but built my own. Not that I think his equipment or organization is bad but just not my fit and little pricey. Anyway his soaps do seem to be pretty good and user friendly.
  11. I just did a green roof i'll attach the picture below. First be careful not to walk on it especially wet you WILL fall! A low mix around 1-2 Percent of SH worked well with no detergent and lots and lots of rinsing. Make sure to hit the roof from one direction and then the other to get those ridges that are every foot or so. At the end of the job I put on some final wash from softwash systems its considered a corrosion inhibitor which basically neutralizes the bleach so theres no rusting and it also adds a nice wax look to the roof. I'm not sure what other soaps do what final wash does but I'm sure if you do some research there are other options. Oh and I price metal roofs at about 70-80% more then shingles. (example 2,000 sq. ft. house with shingle maybe $500 with metal roof $800-$900). Good luck they can be very difficult.
  12. Thanks everyone for your feedback. I am trying different nozzles but still haven't gotten more then 50ft. I contacted eaton because my compressor actually broke last Saturday on the job and i had to go out and rent one. It took a couple days to get in touch with the right person but they were helpful and are sending me the part I need to get the machine back up and running although I am the one paying for it to be overnighted but its better then paying for the rental. If i purchase another compressor i may search for a local company that has a repair shop so I can go directly to them instead of dealing with the phone and shipping.
  13. OK i got the 060 and it sure gives me more volume but I am only getting maybe 50 ft out of it. Its unfortunate that I can't get this to spray farther then my old 12v system. On another note I'm not super impressed with Eaton air compressors. They run fine but I had a few loose bolts on the frame when it was delivered and they told me I was able to install an electric starter as they wouldn't do it for me so I bought an electric starter kit and it turns out that eaton has the motor to close to the pump. In order to fit the actual starter on the honda motor I would need to slide the motor over on the frame about 4-5 inches and buy bigger belts for the drive which is doable but just not what I was told by the eaton tech. They also advertise 20 CFM and 19 CFM on their website so I asked the eaton tech what the true CFM was and he said 18 @ 90psi. Why the hell wouldn't they just advertise the one damn CFM. Anyway this whole air system conversion has been quite disappointing but now that its all over and done with I guess I won't need to worry about my 12v pump wearing out every few months and no more batteries to charge so.........
  14. Ok so I changed a couple things. I got rid of the regulator I had installed near the pump. My original thought was i could just change the pressure if needed from the back instead of going around to the front of the van to the air compressor but that is now gone and I think it was restricting a bit of air flow. I also played around with my air compressor a bit to make sure i was getting the 90-100 psi. I ordered some bigger nozzles 040 and 060 as when i did remove the 4 bang nozzle from the quick connect i was getting just about the same distance as with a 020 but the nozzles are not in yet. I tried a 030 that I had laying around and got a few more feet. I'm hoping with the 040 or 060 ill get to the distance I was hoping for. Thanks for all the import! Happy Easter!
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