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  1. Chris, I'm located in Southeast Texas, about 100 miles East of Houston and about 20 miles West of Louisiana. I give my employees OJT but I need them to have a written manual and videos, I'll look into Doug Rucker's school and see if it's a good fit. Btw, you may not remember me but you helped me make my first soft-wash cleaning rig when I was in High school in 2004. We spoke numerous times on the phone, met through TheGrimeScene.com but not in person. Just wanted to say Thank You and I'm glad to see you're still kick'n ass in Florida
  2. Howdy, I'm James from Beaumont, TX. I've been cleaning roofs since 2004 part-time but went full-time in 2012. I'm currently trying to make a safety manual for my employees and found this website through searching for roof cleaning training. Is there a training program associated with this website? If not, do any of you know of a good training program that I could purchase? Thank you
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