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  1. Hello there Gentlemen I have been researching into starting a company to work for myself and I had done pressure washing work before. In looking into pressure washing I came across soft washing. after all the reading I have done it seems that soft washing is great for the roof and siding however I will also like to offer driveway patio and deck cleaning with a pressure washer. I am looking into purchasing http://www.pressurewashersdirect.com/Pressure-Pro-EB4040HC-HTQBS-Pressure-Washer/p6715.html that set. Now my main question is. Am I able to safely use that maching which I linked to do softwashing as long as i use a low pressure tip? Im thinking I can probly strap a water tank to a hand truck and have my SH solution in there with a downstream injector for the roof and siding. Do you see any complications with this solution I am looking into? Your Help will be greatly appreciated
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