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  1. So I received a call today from a potential customer regarding smoke damage to his roof. He had a home with a mother in law suite in the back and about a year ago his home burned down and now he is using the mother in law suite as his primary home. The mother in law suite received a lot of smoke damage to the roof and brick and he said he pressure washed the brick and removed it all but was concerned about having the roof done. So the question is will my roof mix clean the roof without running into any problems or is there any other precautions to take when doing this?
  2. thanks chris, the banners will not be printed until Friday so im just taking notes on the things that need to be changed, then Friday morning will bring them over to the guy that is making them and finalize them!
  3. thanks jim, I will post pictures of the booth before the show and how it goes. Also I will have shingles at the show. I will have one dirty, one clean, and one split down the middle of dirty/clean.
  4. so these are the new banners. let me know what you guys think. 4X8.jpg
  5. Thanks for the motivation. If you don't mind me asking, what marketing route and resources brought u the most business?
  6. sure will, And I haven't decided yet. Defiantly buisness cards and flyers. Any suggestions? Looking for things that I can get alot of for a decent price.
  7. thanks, I'll try to shorten it up and still get my point across. Lol and fix that "word" that's suppose to be specializing!
  8. Thanks for your input. And yes there are ALOT of homes with stucco in my area, from the older remodeled homes to the newest still being built.
  9. The beginning of February I will be attending a Home and Garden Show and I am starting to get everything ready now. So I need all the help I can get from you guys on if I should add or take off anything from the banners. Also any tips would help. I would rather the criticism here then from a potential customer. thanks for any feedback in advance!
  10. they said they want the entire parking lot done. Curbs, drive thru, entry ways, walk ways, dumpster pad, and parking area. We would have access to the business water and he said they do have good water pressure. We would have the parkinglot from 11pm- 10am, as they do not serve breakfast. They said it was cleaned about 3 months ago and it was just one guy by himself with a pressure washer and no surface cleaner just a wond. And if we get the job it comes with 3 locations. They also mention the first guy that did it used chemical and did alot better job and that the majority of the oil stains on the concrete were gone compared to the last guy
  11. roughly about 17,000 sq feet with parkinglot, dumpster pad, walkway, and entrances to parking lot
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