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  1. How are you getting your feet that wet? When I walk on roofs I were Sketchers, skateboards and shingles are almost the same texture. If I stand on a ladder I use wear a good boot that has a steal shank so the ladder rungs don't hurt my feet as much.
  2. I love it so far. I have tried it in various different ways and setups. The set up works rather well. I have found out that adjustable voltage setting doesn't help much. It makes a lot more noise, you can tell it is cycling faster, but has no noticeable affect on the spray. With this setup you have to walk the roof! I lost my 4 banger and am now using power washer tip(s) or the Master Nozzle. With my set up, the 5850 pump from pressuretek, 5/8 poly hose, a commercial car wash wand with power washer tip(s) OR Master Nozzle, http://www.masterindustriesllc.com/ I have a 65 gallon tank and bottom draw from it. 10' intake hose to the pump, 100” of hose from the pump to the wand, wand has a 18” extension then a quick connect for the PW tips OR I use a barb connector to attach Master Nozzle. When using the wand and PW tips I only use the BLACK 60 degree tip. This allows a nice fan pattern to be used. If you turn the tip sideways, it makes getting near the edge of the roof with minimal over spray. I use the Master Nozzle when I want more suds to build up on the roof. Using smaller tips creates more of a mist but cycles the pump more often. This set up only sprays about 10' in front of you, the good part about this set up is that it hardly ever cycles the pump, the bad is that you use a little more chemical. This is where having the lower GPM pump is a good thing. Go to www.roofcleaningofmidmo.com and watch the video to see how it works. I am using the HO electric, have a battery back up if I need it, and so far I have not tripped any breakers, I think that this is due to the fact the power supply has its own capacitor(s). If anyone has more questions let me know.
  3. I was thinking about only doing roof cleaning but as time went on people asked if I cleaned gutters. So now we clean gutters. Same thing happened with cleaning algae off of siding, now we offer soft washing. I also offer power washing and landscape, mowing, services that I contract out to a buddy of mine that does good work. AS for your service area, Don’t be afraid to travel and charge for it. From what I could see you are about 1 ½ hours from Buffalo, NY and Erie, PA. Make it a point to try and schedule multiple jobs in each city on the same day. While it might not be that beneficial to drive there every day but if you do 2-4 houses each trip and charge each one $35-$50 travel fee, you’ll have $100-$200 for travel expenses. My service radius is about 60 miles; the largest city I serve is a little over 100,000 with a lot of towns between 1,000-10,0000.
  4. If the tape isn't working I would try this. For Use WithGalvanized Steel, Iron, Brass, Copper, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Polyethylene, Reinforced Fiberglass, PVC, and CPVC PipesApplicationFast-Drying, Flexible Set, For High Vibration Environments, Multiple Uses Including Pneumatics, Compressed Air, Ammonia, Gas and Potable and Non-Potable Water http://www.grainger.com/product/4YRW9?gclid=Cj0KEQjwrte4BRD-oYi3y5_AhZ4BEiQAzIFxnw6J58-8h50lAwqphAemfllVfpgV40Lzk-W6JNIsNmkaAo-z8P8HAQ&cm_mmc=PPC:GOOGLEPLAA-_-Adhesives%2C Sealants and Tape-_-Thread and Gasket Sealants-_-4YRW9&AL!2966!3!50916781557!!!g!104636073957!&s_kwcid=AL!2966!3!50916781557!!!g!104636073957!&ef_id=Vdp58AAAAM3fJB9Y:20160419211841:s
  5. One thing that we use at my other job to cover electrical outlets and components are latex gloves.
  6. You should try to get some money upfront that way you can pay for your expenses. I would try to get at least 1/2 down or at least $100, with the rest being due at close. This is something I have done in the past but I also add if the client takes the property off the market, the outstanding balance is due.
  7. I have used Vista Print but recently was told about a site, http://www.overnightprints.com/ . I got 1,000 double sided, full color, 4x6 postcards, shipped for under $90. They do not offer as many products as Vista Print but sometimes they are cheaper, same quality, on what they do offer. Make sure to google coupon codes to use at checkout.
  8. These are the guys I am using. https://www.ideagroove.net/services.html
  9. Right now we are a roof cleaning only. We are not opposed to going into other areas but for right now we are sticking with roof cleaning only.
  10. My experience with fiverr was not a good one. Then again I only tried them out at $15. After seeing what they offered me, I contacted a graphic designer that I knew. If you want her contact info let me know.
  11. I am still playing with tip sizes. How many volts to run for each size. How many gpm are being used.
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