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  1. Woody. Sounds good. Give me a call 225.678.8716 Peak. I am interested in a 1/2 inch pump now. You sell them or recommend where I can get one?That seems a better route than spending 2k on a bigger compressor. Once I get some roofs under my belt I will get a bigger compressor. What about regulators you guys mention. I never thought to get one... I'm not sure I understand regulators
  2. Thanks Peak, I am about to pull the trigger on membership as this has given me a wealth of info. max cfm for my compressor is 10.4. So turn down the psi is what I am hearing while up grading the hose to a 1/2 in while increasing feed from tank to 1.5in. I have a man lift so I don't think I need to hit 70ft but it sure would be nice.
  3. Garyw Thank you for the insight. also I am reading that most people have 2 tank setup and I only have one. Am I doing something wrong by mixing the solution ahead of time and adding the soap? If I do 100 gallons at a time that should last me a weekend.... Wil this not work? Woody I am in Gonzales area
  4. It's a Dayton 3/4 diaphragm pump. max 100psi. I haven't filled tote all the way up, just to about 150 gallons of solution. I just put a splitter on the intake end of the pump where I can run water to for the rinse. Twin tank wheelbarrow compressor made by Rigid I set it on max 100psi as to not blow the pump. I was getting 90psi at the out put valve of the pump when i tested it yesterday. And I just ordered my master nozzle and looking forward to going away from my homemade fabbed wand out of iron pipe and ball fittings and couplers and reducers. Going away from 5/8 will give me more flow and distance with the master nozzle?
  5. Hey guys. I am new to the softwashing scene but am looking to make a serious go of it as not just a side business. I am looking for some help in the mixes of chemicals... What works best or a good blending method. Also I have bought what I think are all the necissities but always looking for better and more efficient. Right now I have a rigid air compressor, a 28gpm pump with max of 100 psi connected to a 375 gallon tote that I am using for my chemicals. I was planning on mixing them and caring them in the tote, may be good or bad. I have a dual connector at pump so I can connect a hose from clients house and water for rinsing the roof. All is fed through a 5/8in hose to a nozzle. I am looking at getting the master nozzle if that will help my spray distance. I would love to be able to spray from the ground but I can't seem to get more than about 40 ft. Is there a secret to getting 70ft distance? I have seen guys do it with a 5-10 gpm pump so I know something in my setup must be wrong. Any help yall could offer would be great. Also I check my pressure at the pump and it is getting 90 psi. Happy spraying and hope it is fruitful for me!
  6. Hey guys. I'm Dave and located in South La. Just starting a roof cleaning business as a side gig and hoping to make it permanent. I have a few questions and would really appreciate any tips I can get. Starting out with a Rigid air compressor, a 28gpm pneumatic pump at 100 max psi and a 375gallon tote for chemicals and mixture. I have 200 ft of 5/8 in hose and trying to get my spray to about 70 ft. currently spraying about 35-40 ft. Looking at investing in a Master Nozzle too. What else can I do to increase my spraying distance? I want to be able to spray from a ladder or from the ground. Any help or advice would be solid.
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