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  1. So whats the best way to tackle these cedar shakes. I know I should pre wet the wood so that the cleaners stay on top and kill whats on the surface. But should I be using sodium per carbonate or skip that and just use a citric acid or oxalic acid. Any thoughts people??
  2. 50/50 mix works great! Use the least amount of Sh that you need to get the job done. After a while experience with stucco you will have a good idea of how much to use.
  3. Sh works sooo good on stucco! I use it all the time and have never had issues!
  4. Hey Guys. Really I'm not usually one to sit here and ask for Facebook Likes but today I am. LOL A buddy of mine invited all his friends to like my page and i got about 100 over night. I just thought that since I am a paid member of this group and many of us use social media that it would be cool to gain some freeby likes and inherit the benefits over other competitors in my area. I will do my best to like everyones page back and share your post from time to time. Thanks guys. https://www.facebook.com/bigshotpressurewashing/?ref=tn_tnmn or simply search Big Shot Pressure Washing on FB
  5. When I initially wrote this post is was yellowjackets, then a few days later I met those Mud Daubers and yeah there are really mellow. Its mostly YJ's and Wasps we have been having issues with and the roof mix takes care of them in no time. Thanks everyone for your input
  6. Hey guys. Im sure I'm not the only one who has problems with aggressive bees while cleaning roofs. Problem is I'm tired of buying overpriced cans of insect spray. does anyone know of some homemade recipies. Thanks
  7. Wow. I finally decided to sign up for the premium membership and I am sure glad that I did. Ive been looking through many of the post and I am amazed with all the great info. I do however wish there was more info on cedar roofs since I have a very large market for that in my area. Anyway, my name is Colin and I started Big Shot Pressure Washing in 2013 and have been growing rapidly since. We are located near Vancouver, Canada and service "The Fraser Valley". I am excited to exchange ideas and process with all of you during my time here. Hello!!!
  8. Enjoying using my new roof cleaning black book and excited to start posting on some great topics and discussions. Wondering how to add a signature to my profile? Attached an image of my favourite type of roof to clean!! Wasp Y'all!!


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