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  1. I think that's what I will do then. I'm thinking of the fatboy 7gpm with a 1/2 hose. What do you guys think? Also do all you 12v guys just connect two car batteries and charge them at home? I spray lawn chemicals for my full time job and we have on one of our trailers a 12v pump that we wired in to the 7way connector so it uses the vehicle battery. Does anyone else do this? I could see maybe a vehicle battery going dead after a lot of use however, you could also just leave your vehicle running. Any thoughts about this?
  2. I appreciate the responses, It's not so much about speed as I am concerned with getting the height I need on the high pitch two story homes. Believe me, I have been reading as much as I can without my wife completely taking my head off. It would be nice to have a few different rig set ups to consider with the positive and negatives of each in a single forum. I have a buddy that just got into it and he uses a 12v and to be honest I don't think it could spray 10' out in front on level ground. I suppose the fact that I spray liquid fert for a full time job has me thinking a more powerful unit.
  3. I am just getting into the business of non pressure roof cleaning and am curious as to what setup would be recommended for someone in my shoes. I am intrigued by the air compressor ran systems. I am certainly on a budget being a full time student with two kids, however I want to get something that will perform as needed without killing my pocket. I am looking for specifics such as type of pump, hose I should run, spray gun, reel and anything else I should need. I have already purchased the metal framed ibc totes as they hold a lot of liquid and are extremely affordable. As I mentioned before I need affordable but am willing to spend a little more on a decent pump as I know it will pay off in the long run. I am extremely new to the field and was introduced to it by a friend who is also new to it, however, I find it a good investment as there is no one in my area that offers a non pressure roof cleaning. I am looking for a "what I wish I had bought when I first started out" scenario with a budget in mind twist to it. I appreciate any response from you guys. As soon as I can afford to get a membership on here, you can bet it will happen as I have many more questions but respect that good advice comes with a price.
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