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  1. Hey guys I've been stumped on cleaning a couple metal roofs. They have a white film on them anyone know what to use?
  2. Hey guys I am having a hard time finding pressure/soft washing and window cleaning insurance above 3 stories. I use Joseph Walters but they don't offer it. Anyone have any info?
  3. Hey guys, we are going to be cleaning our first cedar shake roof and i need a little more info than what i have now which is just using a sodium percarbonate solution and then an oil treatment after. we are experienced in every other type of roof and have been in business for 8 years... I am looking for some direction and a simple recipe to use. any help is greatly apreciated
  4. hey what do you use? just sodium percarbonate solution and then an oil treatment?
  5. Yes they're in business and they're the best! We pay about $170/month and that covers everything
  6. I would like his contact info for a quote
  7. Well I would like new unless you know of some rebuilt ones that are reliable
  8. What is the best air pump we can buy for the money that will handle well with SH? PS I am thinking of purchasing the Makita MAC5501G air compressor to run a pump 12.5 cfm at 100 psi
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