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  1. Hi, i trying to publish a blog entry but I do not see am"entry button" or a "publish" can some please advise? Thanks! Roof Cleaning Oceanside CaA blog by San Diego Roof Cleaner Follow this 0ENTRIES 0COMMENTS 0VIEWS 5ABOUT THIS BLOGJerry, USMC-retired, needed to have to concrete tile roof cleaned, he called several local companies and the only option offered was to pressure wash his roof. After speaking to San Diego Roof Cleaner, he learned that the best option is to use a no pressure cleaning system to avoid damages to his tile roof and the only proven method to kill the algae and bacteria growing on the roof. Jerry and his wife were very happy with our services and could not believe how clean their roof turn out! Thank you Jerry for your service, in gratitude he recieved his military discount. Show more Add Blog EntryManage Blog Entries in this blog SORT BY No blog entries have been created Submit New Blog Entry
  2. Nice, can't wait for the details, I've been having issues with my 12 volt system, need a compact alternative.
  3. All of the roofs we clean here in San Diego are tile roofs, how can I install the, Guardian Ridge It Anchors, where do i nail it to?
  4. Great to hear Chris, glad your are doing much better, keep it up buddy!
  5. Nice job! Here in San Diego, I just get calls for tile roof cleaning.
  6. Thanks, I used the "Applesauce" that Chris from Apple Roof Cleaning in Tampa, Florida uses. You can find the recipe for the sauce in the Secrets of Roof Cleaning section of this board. Very effective for cleaning dirty tiles roof in San Diego.
  7. As non-pressure techniques to roof cleaning is new, the title roofs are super dirty, we can restore the roof in just few hours.
  8. Thanks Chris, could've not done it without your assistance and information here in RCIA!
  9. What's going on with all the dirty roofs in San Diego, how do homeowners deal with the green algae and mold? They call San Diego Roof Cleaner! This house was built in 1989, is on the golf course in the Chula Vista, CA Country Club , and never had the roof cleaned. Alma and Ignacio the homeowners called San Diego Roof Cleaner and in a matter of hours, the roof was resorted to almost new condition, removing the bacteria, green algae and mold. Check out the before and after pictures!
  10. I'm running a 12 volt system, i'm also looking into a solution on transferring chemicals into the solution tank, any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  11. I just registered the domain today, looking for someone to design the site, if you have any recommendation, I would greatly appreciated .
  12. Thanks Woody, believe me I have been ready the boards for the last 8 days. Lots of great information and lots to process.
  13. Hello All, Just joined the Premium Member section after reading all the information in the free section, glad a paid the membership! I'm from San Diego, CA and looking into starting a roof cleaning service, lots of information to process....... Just wanted to stop by and say hello!
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