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  1. A few questions: What are you using to apply your mix with, and how are you laying down the chem, are you misting and laying down a few light coats at a time or are you just laying it down to the point of saturation in one heavy coat. Don't know how long you've been at this so I hope I'm not offending you. Just trying to help you get your issue solved because to me it really sounds like a technique thing
  2. Southside Equipment Inc is offering this exact hose for a really good price: https://shop.pressurewasherky.us/Flexzilla-Garden-Hose_c187.htm
  3. Good day peeps, Got a quick question on pvc hose barbs. I'm currently running 5/8 outlet hose on my fb setup. I've been using poly barbs for the last few years but they break and leak very often, so I want to switch them out to pvc. Problem is I can't find a 1/2 x 5/8 pvc barb, so I'm wondering if I should just use 1/2 x 1/2 pvc barb and get them crimped on, or can anyone suggest where I might be able to get a 5/8 pvc barb
  4. Hi guys, Does anyone have a diagram or any other info on how to wire a fatboy to a solenoid properly, I tried to access the Bruce's how to video but it is marked as private. I'm also wondering if I bought the right solenoid https://www.napaonline.com/napa/en/p/MPEST82SB/
  5. I currently have 3 12 volt setups. One for decks, one for house washes in areas where the water supply is to slow for use with my pressure washer and a fatboy setup for roofs. I must say that for small residential it's perfect. I am, however, currently doing a large luxury home that is literally the size of a small hotel and this is the market that I am targeting. I have experienced everything from priming issues due to the height. (I have to use my 40' ladder to get to the ridge), having to charge the battery every single night, and every other con about this type of system, so I know that upgrading is inevitable. So I'm just doing my homework and trying to determine what may be the best course of action to take based on my situation. But no one really talks about gas,and the info is limited so I just wanted a users review on it
  6. For quality purposes I would have to purchase EVERYTHING and bring them in.So its whether I can obtain a comparable setup in gas which is just a pump an engine or just swallow the difference for air and its related parts
  7. Is there anyone here willing /experienced enough with gas powered roof cleaning equipment like the John Blue or Udor pumpsto talk about whats involved in setting up such a system for reliable production. I have received lots of valuable advice on this forum and following it has not led me wrong but this interest is purely from a equipment cost standpoint. The cost to get any equipment from the US to me in the Bahamas adds about 95% to 115% to the puchase plus shipping cost of the item(s). I pay additional shipping to get the equipment landed in the Bahamas then VAT plus Customs. So when I take in to consideration the cost to purchase the proper things to transition into air in particular the compressor, gas may perhaps be a cheaper but comparable alternative performance wise
  8. Is that a glazed tile roof? I've never seen that before... Did you shoot from a ladder, walk it or clean from the ground. What chems did you use. I'm intrigued...looks great
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