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  1. this is very true!!! many of our customers have said "" i didnt even know you could do that"".... same goes with our fence/deck restoration....
  2. how did u do this? i currently use excel and convert to pdf before emailing to customer. shall i just post my quote here or message it? thats a pretty cool quote btw
  3. Maaaan Chris, this is an awesome video!!!! after i had those couple of days knocking on doors in this freakin heat all day and not but one person gave a damn i really didn't feel like knocking on any other doors even though the damn circumstances obligate me to find other ways. this is Great inspiration and mentorship. Congratulations on your business & thank you & the many others that are mentoring us newbies.. keep it up... Alex
  4. Dave, This is an awesome post. I was on neighborhoods all day today knocking door to door trying to refine my (sales pitch) but didnt have much luck.. desperatly trying to make this work i knew i was missing something amd i came across ur post.. thank you for sharing.. tomorrow will be a new day and new doors to knock. Do u still use this currently?
  5. called them once but got tired of them mouthing off how using bleach was such a bad practice for roof cleaning. Wasnt too convinced when they said we still had to use a pressurr washrr... HELL NO BUDDY!!
  6. With the pressure set to the lowest on ur machine it will prob still be too much for any asphalt shingle roofs... Have u tried pressuretek.com...u can get a starter set for like $400 or less...the objective is high volume low pressure.. thats the beauty of a softwash system. Good luck Plus u need to figure out ur dilution ratio on ur psi washer which is usually to much for your roof treatment
  7. Why does this happen? Is it some minimal damage that we cause to the tile
  8. Hey guys, after cleaning a shingle roof, a neighbor approached me asking me to clean his clay tile roof, only that I'm rather new to the business and never cleaned a tile roof before.. I've been reading and found using 50/50 solution. I use gain as a surfectant and 10.5% sh . Here are a few pics of home.. can anyone please guide me.
  9. hey Gary, i bought the 5850 kit from pressuretek and I was wondering if i could just hit it from a ladder but i dont know about the overspray? what do you recommend. Im anxious to become a premium member and read everything you all talk about there but im all out of investment money. im a layed off oilfield employee and trying to get back on my feet. thanks for the quick input.
  10. hey guys, this might be my 2nd or 3rd post on this forum. Just started in roof cleaning in south tx. really excited about everything that im finding here and it really is something else. I've been wondering if we can use the same solution on tile roofs as we do on shingle roofs?? I would really apprecciate any advice you guys can give me. I did my 1st roof a couple of days ago at my parents house. used a 30% mix SH 10% to Water in a 65 gal tank, added about 30 oz of gain dish soap and a cap & a half of gain laundry beeds and everything turned out great. grass turned a little yellow on one side of the house but lukily it was my parents house after all. Ive been handing out tons of flyers & business cards & gave out a couple of quotes only that one of the houses that I qouted is a red tile roof. thats why im asking for all the input i can get...thanks for your time & GOD BLESS.
  11. Has anyone here tried lime for landscape. Ive read it neutralizes SH.
  12. ​it been a while since you guys posted this but while I was reading through it I was wonder why you say its a bitch to use..??
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