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  1. Are any of you that are using the Slo Mo using a Proportioner? If so, are you diluting it some so that it will draw and how much dilution and then what soap setting on Proportioner? TIA
  2. Best of luck Chris. Hang in there. We're praying for you.
  3. Do Like Kevin suggested above. GP makes a fixed 10% injector for 3-5 gal machines, comes standard on the Pressure Pro 4gpm machine but works great on on my 8.5 also.(Still get right at 10%) I just ordered a few more. Think part # is GP100821. They're less than $15 each. Have bigger orifice so you get better draw. And I always have 200 ft of hose on. You will use more mix than a standard injector, but on a pretty dirty house I rarely use stronger than 2 gal of SH in a 5 gal. On an average size house I'll usually go thru about 10 gal of mix. Bot a couple of the 15 gal jugs I use for my HW mix and pre-treat on drives. That way don't have to stop to make up more on job. If you use a good soap I find I rarely need much more than about 1% SH end result and often less, but unless it's real hot outside I may let sit for 10-15 min. I still use my 4gpm a lot for soaping and even rinsing a house and mainly use my 8.5 for concrete. I usually will soap 2 sides if nothing funky, retrace my steps and hit any real dirty spots on my way back to start point and windows if they're starting to dry, walk to truck and, turn off soap and then rinse. Sometimes I'll plug in the big machine to rinse but rarely.
  4. I use the schedule 80 ones that Pressure Wash Products in Florida has. Think about $28. Work like a champ. I'm constantly adjusting mine couple with my master nozzle when on a roof, never been a problem
  5. Light coat of your roof mix (stronger than 3%) and just leave it. Will take care of it in no time.
  6. If you're going with flat deck trailer, make sure you have a place to carry some gallon jugs. Always need a little of one chemical or another. I would seriously consider putting my reels hanging from the ladder rack. Keeps them convenient and and out of the way. What all as far as equipment are you planning on putting on trailer? I'm on my 3rd version now of mine mainly because I keep adding equipment. So try to plan a place for it in advance.
  7. Grass will die within a week, small plants the same, larger plants not for awhile, but it's really hard to kill a big bush, may get a few leaves but they'll come back. If grass dies, give it a week or so and spread few bags of dirt from HD and spread some seed. Rye comes up the quickest.
  8. Reason you should cover if going to be spraying anywhere near
  9. You really don't want to be riding around in a van with a tank full of SH. Heaven forbid you have an accident. Put some wood on bottom of your trailer. You can either use a cheap syphon pump or your hose from your mix tank to transfer over your SH to your mix tank. Try to join asap, it will open you up to another world.
  10. I'd be interested in a couple of the large ones and maybe 4 of the small
  11. I'd be interested in a couple of the large ones and maybe 4 of the small
  12. I'm assuming it's a dual axle trailer if 14'. You could easily mount the compressor against the front wall. The average hot water pressure washer weighs over 900 lbs and nearly everyone puts them at the front. Then center your 240 gal tank and 2 70's over the axles. Are you mainly going to be doing roofs? If so, why the big water tank? I think you may find that a 70gal mix tank is pretty small. That's one decent size house. If you look at some pics of some of the other rigs on here you'll see that many have a 200 gal + tanks if they're doing mainly roofs. As far as an SH tank, what I quickly found out was it was a lot quicker and easier to just load the barrels onto my trailer, other wise you're pumping them twice, once to fill up tank and then again to mix tank. I simply pump out of the barrels over to my mix tank. With your enclosed trailer probably easiest place to load would be in your side door, depending on your SH supplier.
  13. Looks good. Nice job on the paint and epoxy work. Be sure to post after install pics
  14. Brian, The FB2 pumps work great and are used by a lot of guys on here. They make 4 'On Demand' models, the 7870 101E and 101Y which have the threaded inputs and the 7970 101 E&Y have quick attach ports. Personal preference which attachment you like. I have 2 of the threaded. The difference on both between the E & Y versions is that the E comes preset at 60psi and the Y at 100psi. They are absolutely the same pump and they all have a pressure adjustment screw. I run one of mine at about 85psi and get about 45' of distance through a 250+ft of 1/2 hose using a 5/8" hose for feed to the pump and to my reel. Be sure to notice though that as the pressure goes up the volume goes down and power consumption goes up. Be sure to get an accumulator, they're cheap and lightweight. Will help pump life considerably. I run about 5 gals of water thru my system at end of each job and then a little bleach wash at end of day. Mine work like a champ. I also have a small Northstar too that I treat like crap, run all kind of stuff thru it, sealer, stain, bleach and it keeps on working great also.
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