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  1. Thanks for all the advice. I probably am over thinking it. I just don't want to kill some sweet old lady's Petunia bed on the first job. I've owned a number of business's but never one that dealt directly with the public and I guess I'm a little gun shy. On several different questions I got the same answer: talk to the customer and make sure they understand the situation. I'll figure it out eventually. Thanks, Robbie
  2. Hi, I'm Robbie Miller from Houston TX and I'm in the process of finding a name, having copy written for a web site, building a list of equipment to purchase, working on a marketing plan and reading everything I can find on line. I've just joined RCIA and you guys have helped a bunch. One place I'd like some help is in selecting a soft wash pump system. Before I found you guys I was leaning towards a Generation III Twin Pump # 5402VS from the Power Wash store (http://shop.powerwashstore.com/searchquick-submit.sc?keywords=5402vs). What are your thoughts on that system and is there something better I should consider? I really enjoy your site and am looking forward to staying in touch. Robbie
  3. Doug, when you say natural area, what do you mean? What about running it to the street?
  4. I am just starting out and have a question about managing runoff from gutters when washing a roof. I hear about using plastic contractor bags to capture the runoff and attaching a plastic sleeve to divert the runoff. When you use a bag, what do you do with it when it fills up? If using a plastic sleeve, where do you divert the runoff to?
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