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  1. Great Job, Welcome to the roof cleaning business. SafePro Roof Cleaning Roof cleaning Gainesville Fl
  2. Yeah it came off with low pressure but like I said it is not practical to use it as a pro roof cleaner. SafePro Roof Cleaning
  3. Uh , the insurance company paid for the roof cleaning. I thought they would only cover mother nature reltated damage. Roof Cleaning Gainesville Fl Chad Freeman SafePro Roof Cleaning
  4. When I started in roof cleaning, a hydrogen Peroxide based cleaner was my first choice, until I started cleaning with it. It removes algae after about 5 or 6 applications. It just did't suit my expectations as a chemical to use for my roof cleaning business. Also cost prohibitive at that application rate. Now using SH at 3.5% with gain (per Tucker) works great! Chad Freeman SafePro Roof Cleaning Gainesville Fl 32607 http://www.safeproroofcleaning.net http://www.safeproroofcleaning.com http://www.roofcleaninggainesvilleflorida.wordpress.com
  5. Thanks Clayton, Yeah, only got the 2 responses so far. Roof Cleaning does not seem to be as recognized in Gainesville, Fl as much as I would like. Guess I'll have to pave the way like many of you vets have. Would you guys recommend that I send followup emails occasionally just to let them know my company exists, at the very least? Chad Freeman SafePro Roof Cleaning Gainesville Florida 352-278-0369 safeproroofcleaning.net safeproroofcleaning.com
  6. Thanks Chris, My business page is currently ranked higher than my main website. Go figure http://www.facebook.com/safepro.roofcleaning SafePro Roof Cleaning safeproroofcleaning.net
  7. That's what I was thinking. Eventually, atleast they will know that the service/business exsists. Sent out 255 emails a few hours ago. Two responses so far. One realtor said "remove" and another said roof cleaning was a very smart way to increase curb appeal. I'll keep you all posted SafePro Roof Cleaning safeproroofcleaning.net
  8. I've found that 2% mix of 12.5 works well. I have only cleaned organic matter stains (from leaves etc.) Working from a ladder is a good idea Joe. I learned that the hard way! SafePro Roof Cleaning safeproroofcleaning.net
  9. I've compiled an email list of every realtor in my area, and was wondering if anyone has had success with this approach in building relationships with realtors/property managers? Thanks Chad SafePro Roof Cleaning Gainesville, Fl safeproroofcleaning.com
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