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  1. i was actually thinking about moving there for that reason thanks for the info. I was assuming it was moss, but good to know for sure.
  2. BTW that organism was already sprayed. They don't let go right away where I'm from. Thanks for your replies
  3. but that Is lichen? thank you for the reply
  4. Morning all, So I cam across a tile job that at a lot of inconsistencies in the tile. Now I'm assuming it's just paint, but want to know for sure for the future. Also, in the PNW I'm tired of coming accoss this moss/linchen. What is it? Why does it stay on(because the roofs are just wrapped around the granules more)? Any easy way to removing it? -thank you!!
  5. Looks great bruce. Want to send you a thank you, for you were one of the original(before the rcia) that got me into this. Your inspiration in the first few weeks helped. Looks great as they all do,
  6. yeah wouldn't surprise me. The company that did the roof I was talking about is one of the larger in the state/surrounding area. Not sure if that really means anything though?
  7. Sorry for the late reply everyone, Thank you, we sent a very long time on it and was a very good learning experience. It is, same county I'm in! There cement tiles. Wasn't really expecting these tile jobs, we got another to do this weekend also, haha. 2800sf roof (: The picture's on the top of the roof turned out AMAZING, I was very happy to see how those turned out. Thanks everyone,
  8. Perfect info, exactly where I'm at in the road with starting this mix into the business.
  9. So glad we have gutters every where I live!!
  10. Funny story, I cleaned my parents roof a month ago for my first roof. their roof is 15 years old but it has plenty of life left with all the neighbors in the same shape(all of them were built 15 years ago.). However, the day I went out to clean it the neighbor RIGHT across the street was having theirs replaced. Didn't even have as much moss or algae..
  11. Wow, they all look very good, I do agree with Chris though. Probably where I'll get mine for next season.
  12. Huh, that link wasn't working for me for some reason. Maybe my android, but anyways, I think I found it. I asked to join, so hopefully it was the one you're talking about. Lol
  13. Just got done with this tile roof in Arlington, WA. No pressure washer was used in the process. The home owner said he was "extremely satisfied" with the final results. For more information visit us at www.aphroditeroofcleaning.com or give us a call 206-795-8959
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