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  1. I was doing some research today for my main job and came across this video. He shows how easy it is to install an anchor and then seal the holes. The other tip is a new one, simply remove a roof vents and tie off to a rafter.
  2. http://stopconstructionfalls.com/?page_id=2197 Look at the 2nd map and click on some of the pushpins to see a note about the incident. It's heartbreaking to see how many victims lived for a couple of days before passing.
  3. If it's reasonable to assume that there is plenty of fresh water at each jobsite, why isn't it possible to plug into power as well and use electric air compressors instead of expensive gas powered versions?
  4. ​"the site is www.pwmall.com. I spoke with Support and asked them the difference between the 60 and the 100 psi pumps. He explained the pump is a little different and not just the same pump with the pressure switch dialed up."" I would be interested to hear about the spray distance comparison between the FB2/60psi and the FB2/100psi. ​
  5. What site is that? Do you think they just cranked up the adjustment screw or is it a new product number?
  6. http://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200612302_200612302 I can't find an 80psi version, is there an adjustment screw on this model to crank it? Also, is there a relay problem with these and is it recommended that we use a solenoid instead? Would cutting into the harness void the warranty?
  7. That's not a standing seam roof picture, these panels in the photos are commonly called 9" R-Panels. The great thing about R-Panels is that you can screw down fall protection anchors pretty much anywhere and they are very inexpensive($15-$20). Most metal panels are painted with a Kynar finish, very similar to Teflon. It is designed to have zero friction when wet to allow for self cleaning during rain. Don't ever get caught on a metal roof in the rain or having to walk back over your soapy mix, it won't end well. A standing seam roof cost about 30% more and is easy to identify because you won't see thousands of screw heads everywhere. They are held in place by clips under the panels and you are prohibited from screwing into them or you will void the waterproof warranties. Fall protection on a true standing seam roof is more expensive because you can't just screw thru the panels. You would use a seam clamp anchor like this one, I developed this anchor for my full time job. They run just under $200. Looks like you did a great job on the roof and the driveway. Did you softwash the drive or PW?
  8. Is CH more effective than SH on concrete, I guess the residue won't matter much on white concrete and it shouldn't hurt the grass and flowers.
  9. So just to start experimenting with mixes, I decided to softwash my concrete sidewalks that have about 2 years time on them since pressure washed. This sidewalk gets hardly any foot traffic and the dark color is mostly related to the overgrowth of plants on both sides, not dirt or grease. I used fresh 8.25% bleach, mixed 1:1 with water and a couple ounces of Gain Ultra Original sprayed with a chemical pump sprayer . I did a spot with full strength 8% bleach and it looked amazing. Then softwashed at an estimated 4% strength and while it lightened it, it was far from results that you could charge a customer for. The pure bleach is what was required to get out all of the organic coloring. Perhaps 12.5% on a 1:1 ratio would give it more kick. I let dwell for about an hour then rinsed for the pictures. I guess I will need to include a pressure washer in my trailer setup for flatwork. Has anyone used the Dewalt 4gpm 4200psi pressure washer, seems well priced at $999 and has excellent reviews.
  10. Putting together my first rig, which is the better 12v pump, the Northern NSQ or the Fatboy 2? Planning on starting with a 65g leg tank with a solid 7gpm 12v pump. The 65g tank will become my chemical tank when I upgrade to a 100g mix tank down the road. I'm going to spend the extra money now and get the 5/8' Kuri Tec hose for better flow rate along with an accumulator tank. I plan to bypass the pump relay with a solenoid to resolve that weak point of the 12v systems. Are you guys using spray guns or just fabricating your own with pvc and ball valves? In everyone's experience, what is the average mix consumption per square? I've read that a 100g mix tank will do 3 average residential roofs. This would mean the 65g would be plenty for 2 average roofs or 1 roof plus a housewash and flatwork.
  11. Has anyone tried these test kits to determine the active % of SH in your mix? Says it measure 2%-18%. I wonder if it could be used in the final mix even though other chemicals or detergents are present. http://www.coleparmer.com/Product/Aqua_Comparator_Test_Kit_Chlorine_Sodium_Hypochlorite_2_18_NaOCl/EW-05542-36
  12. I was quoted by Univar as follows, and the product is 10lbs/gal. About $4/gal, but they require a $350/min so that ain't gonna work starting out. 15 gl 0.4548 per lb. 53 gl 0.3838 per lb.
  13. Is this a dead issue or did an improved pole sprayer ever get developed?
  14. Hey guys, doing research to add roof and house cleaning to my arsenal and phase out mowing. Does anyone know where to obtain SH in the Chattanooga area? As a side note, I am a certified FallTech fall protection distributor if anyone ever needs safety equipment, I would be happy to help. I contacted a chemical company about an hour away, Specialty Chemicals in Cleveland, TN. They quoted 12.5% at $209 for 55 gallon barrel and $103 for 15 gallon jugs. $4/gallon sounds high compared to what some of you guys are paying. Maybe that's the downside to operating on a area without an abundance of pools. She said that Lowes carries a 6% mix, is it possible to use a lower strength in higher concentrations? Any help is appreciated, but can't go crazy on bulk until the jobs start lining up, I think a one month shelf life is pushing it.
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