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  1. Has anyone had any experience using The Goat Steep Assist? I'm interested, but wondering how the material would hold up to SH.
  2. Hi Jim, We are in MN also. I have to admit, I had to look up Good Thunder on the map. On the Iowa border, looks like. We arent too far away in the Mpls metro, so let me know if anything I can do to help you. Welcome to the forums!
  3. Who is knowledgeable in Cougar Paws? Does this used pair look descent?
  4. Just want to say to all the Florida brothers and sisters, and I know there are MANY in here.... Hoping for the best for you as Irma comes closer in the next couple days. Get out of town early if you can.
  5. I just came across a fall protection device and system that I am excited to learn more about. I should have additional info to share some time tomorrow, but basically, the system installs into a receiver hitch, and is non-invasive to the customer roof. Wouldn't this be an awesome alternate if all is as it seems?! I will update more as info becomes available to me.
  6. Concrete tiles? I have not come across those as of yet. But the red staining the patio, bummer. Let us know if this does wash off after some rains. Interested.
  7. Chris, what type of ground screw are you talking about in this post? Where would I find them?
  8. I just posted this on my fb page, kinda cool, for those who have not thought of it before. Google Earth has a feature where you can slide a "historical" bar back and forth for different dates in time. We had done 2 homes pretty close together on the same street, so I rolled back google earth to find a good Before, and then to most current for the After. I could have done a better job with the editing.... but you get the idea. Also, we have just re-vamped our website, www.curbappealroofcleaning.com and I am currently accepting feedback in the form of compliements and criticisms and welcome all to participate. Thanks!
  9. Yep, I agree with that Jeremy. Feeds on the limestone in the granules, right? That seems damaging, right?? I also noted they called it an Algae, when I have understood it is technically a Bacteria (GM).
  10. Have you all seen this video on the ARMA home page?
  11. Such a HUGE and graphic pic! Really tells a story though. Hoping the best for you. Let us know how you come out.
  12. 50/50 should do the trick, but please make sure you protect the plants, or it might end up looking like you poured battery acid on them!
  13. What percentage was the SH that you used? As far as the (lack of) result; late in the evening shouldn't matter, pitch shouldn't matter, not rinsing shouldn't matter. I know you posted this weeks ago, but, do you have any additional info to add? Have you gone back, tried again, etc?
  14. Are you going to use that pressure washer on roofs?
  15. I just learned that Chris Tucker is scheduled for open heart surgery in the morning. He had a heart attack a couple days ago. Let us all keep him in our thoughts and prayers as he pushes through this.
  16. This is an amazing transformation! How long did it take you, start to finish?
  17. Being outside in "the elements" sure can cause havoc with the allergies! We have ragweed in bloom now in Minnesota. Awesome.
  18. Ya, looking for someone to sue. Money money money, mixed in with a little mental illness, add a smidge of entitlement. I dont envy you, but am curious to follow what happens with this.
  19. Good info, good to know. I have a mean green and have not really had any issues with it. Occasional kink now and then, but nothing like what you have in this video. Have not experienced any crush issues with the connector ends as of yet. Thanks for the informative comparison.
  20. Hi Joe, Most of the group members are roof CLEANERS, not replacers. Welcome to the group, we can always all learn from and support each other.
  21. In my experience, if you have even a brief conversation with a Home Adviser rep, they will never never never never stop calling you.
  22. I dont even smell the bleach!? Customers come out at the end of the roof cleaning to see the results and many times they say wow, you can really smell bleach out here! Honestly, I do not even smell it. Is that bad? LOL!
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