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  1. How do I become a premium member?
  2. My chemical tank is only 35 gallons for now. If I go with a simple mix design just using SH, water, & a soap surfactant like GAIN liquid how much SH just I use in that 35 gallon tank?
  3. If so does anyone have a suggestion for a roof mix using SH and a 35 gallon chemical tank?
  4. I would love to have a mix design for my roof mix and use the same mix for house wash but just downstream it delute it. Think that will work?
  5. Im starting a soft washing and pressure washing business and for now I have a 35 gallon chemical tank because im only doing it part time for the rest of this year to learn the ropes. Im hope to be full time next season. My question is, I want a simply but effective roof mix design that I can use in my 35 gallon tank and does anyone have any suggestions? I know this maybe rookie question but thats exactly what I am for am, for now Any advise will be VERY VERY much appreciated. Thanks. U guys are very helpful.
  6. I found a chemical company bout 2 hours away that will sell me a 55 gallon drum of 12% SH at $2.20 a gallon. That might be the route to go. My only problem is im only doing this part time this year to learn the ropes. Probably 1-2 days a week and maybe an afternoon or 2 a week. I dont really know how much of the SH I'll be using for now and dont want it to go stale. How long will it keep if I keep it in a shaded area that well ventilated?
  7. Can u text me Doug? 662-554-1434.
  8. Can u text me Doug? 662-554-1434.
  9. Its pretty much 1" from the tank to the pressure washer. My number is 662-554-1434. Text me and I'll send u a picture of my setup. Thanks.
  10. I have my rig setup for softwashing and pressure washing. My issue is on the pressure washing side. If anyone can help PLEASE do. Here it goes, I filled up my leg tank which is 220 gallons and I have all my lines run to my 5.5gpm pressure washer. I open the ball value and its like I can't get enough pressure to the inlet of my pressure washer. I've played with it all day and can't figure it out. So I unhooked the inlet line that runs from the tank to the pressure washer and done a GPM test and was getting bout 5-5.5 GPM which is perfect. But for some reason im still not getting enough pressure to the pressure washer and dont know why. After that I ran a water hose directly to the pressure washer and it works fine that way. Can anyone help?
  11. If I can only get my hands on 6% can I make a decent roof mix?
  12. If I can only get my hands on 6% SH and I need 12.5% can I just double up on 6% and use less water while keeping the same soap amount?
  13. Thats what I was thinking. But all im able to find so far is like 6% SH. Located in north ms. Id like to find 2-25 gallons of 12.5% SH. Anyone have any ideas?
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