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  1. Off topic but I love your website. I build sites on the side this is simple,clean,bright and user friend.. I dig it!... Nice job to your designers.. Bryce
  2. Hi All, New here posted elsewhere first (didn't see this thread from my phone). Living in the south right now. (I move every few years or so). I will be upgrading to premium next week and look to start building my own skid to start out. Budget $500.... Bryce
  3. Introduction and questions my friends…. Hi all, Living in the southern US for now… I have a small commercial and residential window cleaning biz. Nothing huge but an Ok living thus far... My OK living needs and have recently upgraded as I just remarried (04/2014) and our daughter was born within the last 15 days... In the south it’s very obvious there is a needs for roof cleaning, I feel it’s a natural fit for my business and my current neighborhoods that I already find business in. I will be going joining premium ASAP, I see the value of that similar to my winodow forum board memebership. I justy read Chris post so hopefully that phone call to new memberrs will be avaiable. My budget right off the bat will be around $500 to get started... I use my mini-van with a vehicle wrap on it but one day would love to upgrade rig and vehicle. Are these topics that are discussed in depth within the premium sections or how will that work. Also is there is search function to the forum (maybe I’m blind from all the ham this weekend) Bryce
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