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  1. Im Chris From Asheville, NC been doing soft washing close to 11 years now. I have always found good info on here.
  2. Thank you for all the info. I sent shingle rx an email early last week and never heard anything back. I let the customer know I wasn't interested in applying this product.
  3. I had a customer contact me and wanted me to apply a final shingle coating to her roof once I am done cleaning her roof called SHINGLE RX. Has anyone heard of this product and can anyone tell me if this is a aftermarket gimmick. The website is shinglerx.com
  4. I just sent him a email and ask about joining the network. He doesnt have anyone close by, the closest is 4 and a half hours away. how would I add a signature like yours where I can add a video and website info?
  5. thank you for that valuable info. I will contact Bruce later today
  6. Our company got a call yesterday to clean a cedar shake roof. In the past, I have turned these down because less the 5% of roofs in this area have a cedar roof. But this is a large rental/property management company that we would like to impress and get more business with. Thank you in advance for any help in the proper way to clean this roof
  7. Hello all this is Chris and Margaret. WNC Roof Cleaning in Waynesville NC located in the middle of the Blue ridge mountains next to Asheville.Thank you for the warm welcome and happy to have found this site again. We were a member years ago and learned alot of vauable information back in 2010.
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