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  1. Hey guys been a long time since I posted here I need a rebuild kit for my yamada NDP 15 pump. I opened it up there 2 large white disc held together by a black nut. One disc was. Racked around the nut I assume I can get the disc with a rebuild kit. And there was a filter in there that was black and dirty is that filter necessary to keep in there trying to clean it up. My number is 4044569494 if you rather text or call me. Thanks in advance for any help. I cant seem to find a rebuild kit online any where and it seems to easy to fix for me to pay and send off and pay some one to fix.
  2. do what Chris said I listened and love to get tile roofs big money easy work
  3. Thanks. I tried to text you earlier my pump died I use one like u but I couldn't remember the numbers I ordered a ndp15fvt I hope that's it
  4. Sorry so long so busy not a lot of time for anything else. Yes this job was in Villa rica
  5. customer thought they needed a new roof one afternoon with us looks new again. Curb appeal now.
  6. Phillip sorry I just seen this yes I found it they base it off your yearly amount and off the amount of full and seasonal employees you have. If you still need his email let me know.
  7. This is a dirty tile roof we washed yesterday
  8. Dirty roof washed by Doug's Pressure Washing
  9. Dirty roof washed by Doug's Pressure Washing
  10. I always ask for them to kill the out door power for 24 hours I had one smoke up on me once that was enough
  11. I finaly got workers comp to cover 6 guys it cost me $380 a month it's sucks paying that on top of everything else but it gets me on a lot of properties that I couldn't get on with out it and it sounds good when I can thro in there that we have it. If you need a company still let me know. The pain is going above 6 foot off the ground you get hammered on insurance.
  12. I would still be scared to wash roofs if I hadn't found this site Chris and many others on here have helped me a lot. A lot of people on here have no idea how much there little bits here and there help some one starting out
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