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  1. I tried these metering valves last winter in my garage and did not have much luck with them. I had a check valves on the pentair metering valves but keep loosing prime and would have to open up valve every time to get prime back in each line. I put a ball valve in the pick up line in the tank and that helped but then I could not turn down SH for house wash. The pump would not pull the SH when turned down for house wash. I was using 12v pump but the spray equipment was previously set up for air pump with 3/4 inch lines, which may have been the problem. Seemed to work good for the surfactant.
  2. Here is a recent Cedar Shake Roof we cleaned in Traverse City Michigan. Extending the life of this Cedar Shake Roof for years to come. If you live any where in Michigan and need your roof clean, call us at 1-800-536-4598 or contact us at Http://www.saveyourroof.biz
  3. Doug, I used the Everbrite Copper Roof Cleaning product. I will share with you what I learned. According to Everbrite after I bought the kit with the gel, (the gel is a mild acid used to remove the tarnish), they said you can sand the roof using a palm sander starting with 600 grit sand paper and work up to 1800 grit and you don't need the gel. Again I used the gel. If you use the gel and wipe it off with paper towels per the instructions, make sure you neutralize the distilled water before rinsing with the neutralizing product provided or you can use baking soda to neutralize the water, if not it will re-tarnish the copper and you can start over again. It takes most of one day to do this longer if you make a mistake so charge accordingly.
  4. Certified Non-Pressure Roof Cleaning by The Roof Cleaner in Okemos MI. 48864
  5. The Roof Cleaner cleaned this Copper Roof in Holt MI. 48842
  6. During a recent roof and house wash, we came across this vinyl shake siding that we thought had algae on the siding and could not get it cleaned. We increased the house wash to 10% SH and still looked the same. After a while the homeowner showed up and we found out that this was a Certainteed vinyl shake product that was defective and could not be cleaned per the homeowner. We lost a lot of time on this job trying different things and making several phone calls. Thought this info may be helpful and save time for other roof cleaners if you come across this.
  7. I noticed that on the Tahoe Power compressor, the air fitting is (I believe) a milton fitting. The hole in the end is twice as big as a normal air fitting. I am also using a 3/8 on and off valve at the Yamada pump and 3/8 air hose. My question is why would I restrict the air flow with a 1/4 water/oil separator? Should I get a 3/8 water/oil seperator? I just water maximize the cfm out put to the pump.
  8. I was in Harbor Freight yesterday and wow! That compressor pump is huge! Unfortunately I can not get that compressor to fit in a regular truck bed with a 100 gal chem tank and 50 gal mix tank, hose reel pump etc… We currently use the double or triple cylinder wheel barrow type that ends up on the tail gate.
  9. Chris, When i search Bing for Roof Cleaning Institute of America and click on the .org site it still goes to Adult Friend Finder. Not every time usually just the first click. It has also said filestore 321.com or adult friend finder in the browser. Larry
  10. I am working on setting up another truck with new equipment and I was looking at the big compressor from Harbor freight as well, looks like a nice compressor. I did find this one on craigslist (new) for $400.00 cheaper may go with this one.
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