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  1. Yeah I need to compress too I see! ...I'm gonna delete it and upload to youtube later. Thanks bud
  2. Haha thanks doug, That's 200ft of hose and it takes me about 6 mins to roll up and about 1 min to unroll..its effortless. lol I just bungee the middle part to keep it tight on the reel. Video is now up on my last post, my internet was being retarded..
  3. Thanks Chris! Ive got some learning to do but think I'm gonna enjoy it!! Btw here's the 3/8 all flo with the master nozzle in action....I had just turned my compressor off and let the air bleed down thru my pump...This nozzle is a beast! Now I gotta figure out how to apply the chem without to much over spray :P
  4. Haha thanks man, those rims work quite well! It basicly unrolls itself as I pull it...wrap up is pretty easy too, may post a video of the pump in action if I have time today...the master nozzle will be here anyy minute now! And thanks for the tip! I had a pit bull die from my old neighbors antifreeze hotdog weenies several years back! Boy I was pissed...
  5. Heres my little rig guys, Nothing to fancy but the trailer was free lol I wanna get me some bigger tires on it...other than that im going enclosed as soon as I can! Im gonna build something on both sides for advertising and that's about it.
  6. Oh yeah I never posted my rig pics!!?, I'll do that tomorrow !
  7. Haha I hear ya boss! I love my little all flo, I sprayed my yard for mosquitoes with it a few weeks ago...it was a lot faster than back pack spraying lmao. But the tip I used on the roof was holding me back I think....took about an hour to get one thin coat...just gonna experiment with the master nozzle and see how it does for me...should I soak it in antifreeze after every job?
  8. I enjoyed it quite a bit! Once I gain confidence I will be ready to tackle bigger jobs...the tile roofs here look terrible. Really wanna learn to do this stuff from a ladder lol
  9. Thanks guys, also i see a lot of guys don't rinse the roof?? If I rinse 1/3 bottom part of the roof is it safe to say I wouldn't kill the landscape? I think someone told me that awhile back...I just know it took a long time to rinse lol and on the 2nd roof it left a a yellowish tint after it dried...we haven't got any rain coming till next week sometime..I'm guessing it will come off with the rain..is there no way to prevent that?
  10. Hey guys, I know I seem to have disappeared but that's not the case lol I been really busy with life BS..Not to get into any of that, I just wanted to show u guys my first roof and my setup! I am "under the table" at the moment waiting on some things to clear with my employer before I go all in, So I actually have done 2 roofs this past week and they look pretty good in my opinion...But I think I skimped on the application, my chem wand (made my self) was thrown together and I didn't like it...it basicly was a really wide flat mist..anyway I just ordered the master nozzle and was wondering if I could use it in applying the chem?? if not that's fine..just wondering. I did a full rinse on them and had to go back over a few spots but I think my next one will go smoother..I used a total of about 20 gallons of mix(around 3% with gain ultra as a surfactant) it was close to 2,000 sq ft I think..(used a geo app for measurement)
  11. I live an hour north of pensacola fl and an hour east of mobile al..I'd like to clean houses my first year or two and go from there near escambia county.I got 80 bucks into my site paid up a full year, I'm okay with the site I can fully customize basicly over 300 templates with ease..or just start from scratch and with wordpress I think I'd have to carry the .wordpress.com? Just wondering is Something wrong with my design? I mean I've only worked on it about 2 or 3 hours here and there while workin...I can do better but not without before and afters ect. I designed the logo I have but if I need to I probly have some designers that can do better.
  12. Yup, my problem is I NEED pictures...Like I said im at work doing what I can when I have time. I just wanted it up asap. Over time I will add and change to a more professional feel. Hoping to land something for pictures atleast when I get back home. thanks for the advice
  13. alright thanks, Yeah I wanted to get my business license and insurance before I went to crazy lol hows my site looking?
  14. Will do, probly expect a call Wednesday! I KNOW I am going with the 500$ harbor freight air compressor and the 3/8 all flo pump...and the website is up it just needs more modification and content. Some things like pricing is kinda hard to put on there since I don't know that part yet. Also I have no pictures, but as a base line you can check what I have so far here. www.divineexteriorcleaning.com It's automatically mobile friendly. any thing u see wrong or need to add..just let me know! Thanks
  15. Thanks! Really does mean a lot guys...there's to much greed in the oil industry for me to stick around much longer...I believe I'm heading in the right direction, all good things come to those who wait...and besides I also do tree climbing here and there, I have everything to cut trees as another means for income! Did that for a few years before offshore, thanks for the positive feed back!
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