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  1. Another slate roof cleaning by Aqua Clean Solutions, Inc. One of several multi million dollar homes in Mclean, VA cleaned last month. Homeowner was speechless after seeing beautiful results.. We are Virginia's Superior Roof & Exterior cleaning company. Call today 703-454-2222 703- 454-4452. slate roof 3.zipslate roof
  2. What about a raised water tank (35 to 50 gal) fed by your water supply connected to a Hudson float valve in the tank....coming out of the water tank is your 1 1/2 - 2 inch water line with a shut off valve connected to a Y fitting going to the pool pump ( one line goes to the water tank the other to your SH tank (both lines have shut offs on them before the pool pump) This is all gravity fed so there is always water in the lines at all times. Even if prime is lost just open the water line and fill the pool pump. Other wise I would bite the bullet and get the pump you were speaking of.
  3. Why cant you tap into the bottom of the SH tank with a 2 inch bulkhead and draw as you were with the pool pump?
  4. Harbor Freight pump + Tractor Supply Hose reel + 150ft of 3/4 Mean Green (black hose on the reel) + 3/4 Y coming off the the pump for another 150ft ( 2 -75ft MGH ) so 2 guys can rinse at once + Master Nozzles ....Connected to the house water supply... if not enough pressure we pump from our tanks on the trailer. All of our trucks have these on board... And yes we rinse every roof. Also great job on the roof cleaning!
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