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  1. Look here http://roofcleaninginstitute.org/forum/17-non-pressure-roof-cleaning-supplies-and-equipment/
  2. try putting several drops of light oil into the air intake.
  3. Send $200. thru Paypal to garyw@bellsouth.net. I will email you the test and after successful completion (80%) I will set up an appointment with Chris T, who will ask you approx. 40 more questions. Once you have Chris conveinced you know what you're doing he will tell me to add you to the certified directory. Certification is a one time fee. Must maintain your premium membership yearly.
  4. You are all set on both forums. Welcome and enjoy.
  5. It costs nothing to open a pay pal account. Once opened you can use your credit/debit card to pay for RCIA membership.
  6. Kevin has my old pump, just waiting on return shipment. Contact him
  7. 3/4" hose, harbor freight booster pump, and a "master" ss nozzle from master ind,.
  8. don't buy anybodies mixing system until it has been proven to work. Don't fall for everybodies half assed junk they say will make your life easier.
  9. As some of you know, I retired from BellSouth tel. co. after 30 years of supervising 20+ employees in the construction dept. i also owned a 30 minute photo lab the last 20 years I was with BellSouth. Approx. 12 years after retirement , digitial cameras came out and everybody gave up on film.so the photo lab business went to hell quickly.. After a very busy career, I found myself with nothing to do and became very bored. I was out one day and noticed how dirty roofs were everywhere and I became curious what the stuff was that was growing on them. Searched the web and found out what it was and how to remove it safely I found.and joined RCIA,took the certification test. I founded Qwik Roof Cleaners of Louisville Ky. The rest is history spanning almost 9 years of success. I am 71 years old and plan on doing this as long as my health remains. I feel like I have helped Chris build this association and look forward to building relationships with numerous new members. Thanks everyone for giving me the opportunity to assist you in your endevours.
  10. Get your info from the HOA so you know it is correct, then place your quote.
  11. Just a number for their use inplant.
  12. Just a number for their use inplant.
  13. no need to rinse between applications.just wasting time and materials. Wait til the roof is clean and then rinse if you prefer.
  14. Master Industries LLC. Talk to Barry and tell him I told you to call. Make sure he knows you are a RCIA member
  15. A lot of members use this nozzle for spraying roof mix. It is guaranteed for life and will increase your shooting distance on most rigs if set up correctly. They are pricey (around $50.00), but well worth it. They go from closed to totally open in 1/2 turn. NO more changing tips aloft, and dropping them.
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