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  1. Okay sounds good. Could you PM me your number because I do not have it yet.
  2. Is the one that only needs to be tested also 299? If so and you get it tested by Tuesday I might have someone coming down from Canada that could swing by and pick it up Wednesday.
  3. I'm interested in the 1/2" ARO Kynar being converted to Teflon balls. When do you think you will be finished with it?
  4. I was out today cleaning the sides of my house and got little pink dots all over my black sweater. No biggie, but i was wondering if there is a certain material that i should wear to prevent this or is this something that is unpreventable? Thanks, Jeffrey Hodge
  5. Thank Amy I really appreciate it. I will surely be giving you a call once i get the ball rolling some more.
  6. Thank you so much, i havent talked to them yet only browsed their website. Once i get a little closer to starting the business i will definitely be giving them a call. Thanks, Jeffrey Hodge
  7. Thank you, i checked them out and i see why a lot of people on here use him. Also i just figured it might be better to start a business if i had a place for everything instead of some place im renting. But Im going to my pool supply store to get some SH and then to home depot to get a weed sprayer just to mess with mixture and do a little bit of the house. And then i will just build a small rig see what happens and then go from there. Thanks, Jeffrey Hodge
  8. Thanks for that. Where is he out of? Ive never heard of him except for on this forum.
  9. Hi my name is Jeffrey Hodge and I live Oregon. Just wanted to say that i've only been reading these forums for a day and a half now but i'm already learning a lot. I've been working for my uncle who owns a parking lot maintenance company for about fours years now, and have always wanted to have something of my own. And for the past couple of years i was looking at driveway pressure washing until the other day i came across soft washing and now want to start a business focused around that. It will probably be a while till i can start a business because i dont even own a home yet and im pretty sure i couldnt get insured or bonded not having a house. Butfor now i will work on building a rig after reading more of these forums and talking with whoever is willing to give advice. I will also become a premium member here shortly. Thank you, Jeffrey Hodge
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