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  1. Suggestions on this roof? I haven't cleaned any tile roofs simply because we don't have that many of them around here. This house is apps. 3,000 sq ft and 65% of house is covered like this. How many applications would i need to apply and any help on additives to remove the moss would be great. Will mother nature rinse this off if I spray it twice heavily? Any suggestions on price? I posted the pictures of this roof below
  2. I had a customer call me back and tell me there were little spots (from roof mix overspray) on an expensive black garage light fixture. She tried cleaning them with windex but it still left a discolored spot everywhere the mix had landed on it. Any suggestions on cleaning it off?
  3. Does anyone have a tahoe compressor? I'm contemplating between the HF 30 Gal. and this one: http://tahoepower.org/air-compressor.html I found one that is new and can get it for $800. Thoughts? I'm planning on getting a 1" pump as well.
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