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  1. 1 question and 1 statement. I errantly let my 35 gallon poly tank slide to far when it was empty and the exhuast from my machine melted a hole near the top. Now i can only put 20 gals in it and it sloshs out of the hole. so I drilled it round and used a bulkhead fitting to plug it. problem is even after cleaning up the melted plastic with a grinder its not flat enough to seal. I just tried the plummers putty trick, but don't know yet if its leak proof. I know its better already but not sure how it will last yet. Its sealed and tight but time will tell if it degrades from the inside out. The question is. Someone talked about plastic welding. Thats something I know nothing about. Can someone enlighten me on how to do and where to get the stuff to do it with. Thanks, Glenn
  2. Thanks Chris . Good work. Do you happen to know a good source/supplier of this pump? And what a good price for it would be too?
  3. Not sure whats going on with the site. Thats not even what I just posted. it keeps going back to a post I put on 3 days ago that I tried to edit. The edit feature is messed up or I am doing it wrong. But that don't explain where the post I wrote and meant to put up 10 minutes ago went.
  4. I definatly see the benefit of a respected and well known CertificationTo be totally honest the certiicate does not
  5. I guess your talking to me, Sir. So I got to pay to have the privilege to pay. I would think if you pay to be a cerfified member a few decals would be part of the introductory package. And then any purchased after that would be for the normal fee.
  6. i dont get just the bottom 1/3 of the house. Why not the whole thing. And if you get more than dew light a flash rain isn't it going to do damage if you don't rinse the top 2/3?
  7. I applaud you Chris for being so open and honest. And especially for not selling out. And for paying it forward. One of these days when I am in your area again I am going to call and see if your available for lunch or a beer my friend. Great to have you back full time on here and I hope your recovery is still on track. I really do owe you at least for the "AIR" concept. I was a happy 12 volt guy until a couple years ago when 2 new ones I bought from an online vendor crapped out on me. One after 1 use, the other after a few. I was fine just replaceing them every 6 months to a year before that. But that was the final straw when the vendor refused to help me out. It was a Godsend, because it precipitated my search and eventually finding this site. I was intrigued with "AIR" from my first discovery. And eventually changed over. To which I like to now say, "once you go AIR, you never go back there". It's my opinion this business started very slowly and simultaneously in two corners of the country, the Pacific Northwest because of "Moss and Lichen" and Florida because of GM. And much like the automobile or combustion engine. Although Henry gets most of the credit, many others were discovery and developing it at the same time. I say that because no one told me how to clean a roof 20 some years ago. I discovered it while cleaning a house. I am sure others did too. About 20 years ago I bought a Task Force 25 gallon tank with an electric pump on it to go "Big Time" LOL! I graduated from a garden sprayer. 18 years ago I beat out the biggest roof cleaning company in Orlando (sorry about that, I think it was your friend) for the first ever low pressure cleaning contract for Orange County Schools. So I had built a monster system with two 300 foot hoses, reels and electric pumps. That worked for me just fine. The first job was a 200k sf tile school roof. Funny thing. I still have that Task Force tank and original pump. And wanted to spray some liquid fertilizer on a large area. It has sat in a shed all this time and I said let me try this, And you know that 20 year old pump worked like a champ. Confirming once again to me that electric pumps today aint what they used to be. I say all this Chris because I want you to know the respect I have for you for how you have built your business and helped promote an entirely new industry. You are the man. When you and I started this was not even a viable business. Or even a stand alone livelihood. i am a painter, who learned to clean roofs. What this generation probably dont realize is this industry is less than 30 years old. About the same age as the desk top computer. LOL! And to say I think as the saying goes," I think we went to different schools together". and to thank you for sharing all your knowledge. I was at my wits end because of electric and even though I am your age, I still have to work (for reasons i will explain later) and I am able to work and like to work. And am redefining my business and going to another level this year iin roof cleaning and restoration. But I do want to talk to you and explain the challenges I have in person and need your help in a couple other areas. TIA!
  8. Hey Gary. I thought we went through this before as well. I am a premium member as well. And I don't usually go to members only discussions. But I just checked in when I seen this thread and on the old forum and I am also unable to get into the premium members only. Can you check that for me here and on that one too. TIA, Glenn PS I also am doing a new roof cleaning logo and have a graphic artist clean up my sketch. Anyone got any suggestions on who or how to get a good logo designed?
  9. Well I went to thier website and even filled out a contact form. I wish you would too. Because like you if there is something out there that good I want to know about it too. I am not so closed minded to not think advancements cant be made. They clearly can. I am also old enough to know most of the time the claims are preposterous. The last time he reached out to me he said he would not send me any msds sheets or spec sheets until I signed a non disclosure form. I didnt respond and have not been contacted since.
  10. And I like the part on his website. That says the product rebuilds the shingle from the inside. Or some such nonsense.
  11. I don't now what the different sizes are, but thinking I would like 4 and 4. When and where will they be available? I need mine yesterday if at all possible
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