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  1. Is this the PP you are using? http://www.amazon.com/4320P-Industrial-Strength-Cleaner-Degreaser/dp/B002HU5N4O/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1440412695&sr=8-2&keywords=purple+power&pebp=1440412736508&perid=1HGHSP37V022RKWR5HBG
  2. Oh no, you can't get rid of double decker red!!
  3. BTW, when our schedules allow, will have to grab some lunch.
  4. Here's my two cents. May not be worth that though, lol. I'm running a 1" pump, with the harbor freight 30 gal air compressor. I have 3/4" spray hose and 1" fluid lines. I have multiple tanks and a fluid manifold that lets me switch to different tanks. But for the sake of simplicity, let's forget the multiple tanks and fluid manifold. For testing purposes, from one of my 275 gallon totes, I have a 1" suction line going directly to the 1" pump. From pump there is a 1" line going to Hannay reel with 200 ft of 3/4" spray hose with a Master Nozzle. I was running 50' of 1/2" air hose to an air manifold that has a 20 CFM Tsunami water separator, then to a regulator/filter (set at 90 psi), then to the 1" pump. When I first got my system up and running I was expecting 50' spray distance, BARE MINIMUM. I got 35'. Needless to say I was not a happy camper. I double checked everything, noticed the pump I purchased was leaking like crazy. Tightened all the bolts down on the wet end of pump and stop those leaks. Notice Tsunami is not catching any water, but regulator/filter is slap full of water. That's the Tsunami's job and its supposed to be the best of the market at doing it, but mine wasn't catching any. Come to find out, my air lines are incredibly hot. And being in south Louisiana with the heat and humidity isn't helping. Put the 50' of air hose in a bucket of water and the Tsunami starts working better. It's catching about 1/2 of the water and the regulator/filter is catching the other 1/2 of water. Tsunami should be catching most of the water though not just half. I call Tsunami, they say move up to a 50 CFM. My entire air system is 1/2" throughout, but the Tsunami 20 CFM has 1/4" inlet and outlets. Tsunami says this is a problem and that I'm right on the edge of the CFM total for the HF compressor (19 CFM). The 50 CFM model has 1/2" in and out. I says, OK, and order 50 CFM. Get it installed and it captures about 90% of the water now. Much, much better and I'm spraying 40' distance now. Exact same setup, just changed out water separator and got another 5'. And yes, I have the entire 200 ft of spray hose unreeled when I'm doing these tests. Still I should be getting more distance from what EVERYONE else is saying. I can't remember where on here, but I think someone was hitting 70' with a 1" setup and a HF compressor. That may be the exception to the rule, but 50' is the minimum I've seen for a 1" setup. Make some more inquiries via phone calls to various people/members and as soon as I said 1" suction lines, they said "That's your problem". Consensus was to move to 1 1/2" suction lines and if you want to get crazy go to 2" lines. What the heck, let's get crazy and see what happens. I get some plain ole 2" white sch 40 pvc for a quick test setup. I can hear all the gasps and murmuring across the Internet already! He's using sch 40, white pvc!! It's possible the world could end. LOL, it was only used for a few minutes for testing and it's cheap. For anyone new, don't use Sch 40, white PVC in your system for a long term setup. Anyway, I hook up 2" suction line directly to pump (reduced it down to 1" at pump), put about 50 gallons water in tank and fired it up. I got 50'. Hooray, I've finally got what I should have been getting all along. Now I need to either move everything over to a 2" system (lines, fluid manifold, etc.) or possibly see what 1 1/2" lines would get me. Either way, I don't have the funds to completely retrofit everything with new lines and connectors. So, I'll probably go with my 1" fluid lines and 40' distance for the first few jobs. Speaking of which, I'm having a devil of a time getting my fluid lines to not leak. Ordered fluid lines as a package and all of them leaked. Took them to Parker Hose and they redid them. Son of a guns still leaked. Leak is coming from where the hose snugs up to the camlock, not the camlock itself. Took them back and they used big double bands this time. Suction hoses don't leak, but the fluid line that goes from pump to reel (one that is under a little bit of pressure) still leaks. Parker Hose is baffled. Say there is no way those things should leak. Now I'm trying to find a guaranteed no leak hose solution. This entire setup seems to have been fighting me every step of the way. I've learned a lot of lessons the hard way and it has cost me way more money that it should have. Oh well, lessons learned. So, to highlight: (IF YOU HAVE THE MONEY, if not screw it. You dog gone go with what you got, get a few jobs done and then upgrade as budget allows.) Buy biggest compressor you can, preferably 18-20 CFM If you are using a 1/2" air manifold, go with the Tsunami 50 CFM model Get 50' air hose and put it in a bucket of water or if you have a water tank stick it in there. Gotta get the air cooled down for the water separator to work correctly. Go with at least 1.5 - 2 X size bigger fluid lines than your pump size. Use 3/4" spray hose. If not in the budget, go one size down. Master nozzle will get you an extra couple of feet distance in reality. Don't expect it to add 5-10 ft. Bunch of other stuff, but this covers the main ones. I tried to get everything perfect on my build and it cost me a lot of time and money. And it wasn't close to being perfect. If you have a working system, go work. Upgrade as needed.
  5. l'm in Baton Rouge, LA area and I've seen them. They usually have to be pretty bad off though. Mostly GM down here.
  6. Most places should give you a chemical composition test sheet. It's possible to get that high if its just been freshly made at the chemical plant. Keep in mind it quickly diminishes from those numbers to the lower teens or upper single digits depending on heat, light and other factors. For instance, lets say you get lucky and get some 20%. A few days later it will be about 15%, a few days later 11-12%. It kinda levels off after that and can take several weeks to months to drop into the single digits. Old school method, is to put some between your thumb and index finger and rub. If it warms up, it's still fresh enough to use.
  7. Dang, brother, I feel for you. Hopefully she's blowing smoke trying to see if you'll just buy her a new roof and she's full of hot air. Luckily, you took a ton of pics so if you do have to end up hiring an attorney or going to small claims court you have pics and decent documentation to back up your work. I get that feeling sometimes from landscaping customers (I'm sure you've had a few of them too), that want a $5,000 landscaping makeover for $500. If she persists, I'd possibly send her a nicely worded letter with pics, but probably speak to an attorney first and get them to send it on their letterhead. That'll usually get rid of the people looking to get over on the hard working, honest businessman. You may have to pony up a couple hundred bucks for an attorney, but should give you some peace of mind.
  8. Looks really good to me. I'm sure there are some wood cleaning experts on here that will chime in. I know I will get asked to clean wood decks, fences and etc, but I just don't have the time right now to read through 10,000 more posts at PWI or similar forum to learn all the in's and out's of proper wood restoration. I know it can't be that hard. May save for some late night reading or possible over the winter.
  9. I dont eat at resturants that dont have waits that means foods not good i wouldnt hire a contractor during the busy season that has no work theres a reason there not working. I'll have to remember that one.
  10. DANG, straight up DOUBLE DECKER!! Gotta get one of those!
  11. Yes indeed! I've heard of that happening from a few people.
  12. I think that is going to be the max I'm going to walk on too. I've seen guys on youtube walking what seemed like cliffs, but the shingles were in excellent shape and they were experienced. I looked at one today where I'm doing some landscaping and they have serious granule loss. Won't be walking on that one either. I am going to try the shoe taco on my roof though. Once the cougar paws come in I'll switch over. I missed one little tiny spot on my roof at the very peak. I have to look hard but I can see it and it'll drive me crazy.
  13. Welcome! Read both forums till your eyes are crossed, take a break and go read some more.
  14. LOL, I can see myself splaying out like a cat if that happens. we can chuckle about it when you're safely back on the ground, but when it is happening to you it is no fun!
  15. I will be investing in some cougar paws. I'd rather have the peace of mind of better traction. I saw some roofers using foam tacos. They had wrapped the foam cushion they using to kneel on around there shoes and wrapped it with a bungee cord and were walking all around a steep roof. I know it doesn't look professional, but hey, you could always use that in a pinch. Every roof in my subdivision is an 8 or higher. And a lot have granule loss from defective shingles. Looks like I will be using a ladder for most of these, but I'm going to hop on my roof later today with some foam and see how it is.
  16. I was thinking of investing in some cougar paws. Everyone has there opinion on them being overpriced. Some swear by them, others love skaters shoes (Vanns and such). I do have granule loss on my roof which was why I was hesitant to get on it. I'd be fine on the valleys or walking peak, but just being out on the open part of the roof with granule loss was to much of a concern for me.
  17. Just curious as to what pitch ya'll consider walkable? What pitch are you OK at and at what pitch is sketchy? I use a pitch app on my iphone and its says the pitch on my roof is 8. I can get on it, but the feet can easily start sliding out from under me. Does anyone have any war stories of getting on a roof and then realizing it was a little too steep? Maybe started sliding down said roof? Look forward to the stories.
  18. Thanks for the heads up. We always seem to be in a hurry and things like this happen. I could have easily done the same thing if I was behind that day, aggravated, or just having a bad day. Hope your guy is recovering well.
  19. Thanks will have to make up a batch of that and try it out.
  20. You should have a good length (I'd say at least 15', I run 50') of hose coming out of your compressor then you connect the air hose to your water separator first, then filter/regulator and finally the pump.
  21. Here is a basic diagram of an air setup from Lori at pressurewasherproducts. It should give you a starting point.
  22. LOL, the AC team? So much stuff going on his shirt you can't focus on any one item.
  23. The V075 is the 3/4" model all the way through: http://www.usplastic.com/catalog/item.aspx?itemid=36508&catid=951 And to paste a link to a post, just click on the fourth icon (link) on the toolbar and paste it there. Or use Ctrl-V in the main message.
  24. This is the one you're after V100, 3/4" ends, 1" full port (Gary recommended - among others) if you have a 3/4" hose: http://www.usplastic.com/catalog/item.aspx?itemid=75437&catid=951
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