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  1. Thanks Clayton, I'll try the anti freeze. The ones I'm using are General Pump made in China and I'm lucky if they last thru one job without sticking up. Sounds like quality products will solve the issue.
  2. Thanks for the reply Andrew. I'll give never Seize a shot. I am ordering some Hansen SS connects from Lori at Pressure Washer Products, I understand they'll do the trick.
  3. Guys I'm having a terrible time with quick connects and nozzles, seems like after a few houses the quick connects and nozzles just won't seat and connect. Anyone know a remedy for this? I've let them soak in W-D 40 and it doesn't seem to help. Any secrets.
  4. I have an open trailer and I purchase a roll of PVC garage flooring from Sams Club. I let it lay loose and used wood screws with large washers at front, center and back to secure it. Works great and seems to be quite durable.
  5. If your running a 1/2 inch Yamada Pump dry to empty out 200 feet of application line or for some other reason does it have any adverse effect on the pump from running it without fluid for an extended period.
  6. Sam's Club has Versaroll garage flooring made of PVC in rolls of 6.5'x 20'and 9' x 20'. It has a raised diamond pattern for non-slip. I just bought a roll to cover my trailer with, cost $99. and shipping was $18.
  7. Thanks for the feedback Clayton, Gene and Peak. Your info gives me choices I hadn't considered in that price range for what appears to be superior to the Northern Tool unit.
  8. I'm looking for a reasonably priced air compressor to get full potential out of a 1/2 pump. Most specs I see seem to indicate you will need a minimum 9 HP unit to get the desired CFM. Northern Tool has a Compressor they claim delivers 13.7 CFM @ 90 PSI but if you look at the specs the GX160 Honda it's equip with is rated at 4.8 HP. I like the fact that it has a 20 gal single tank for reserve but do you guys think this compressor will get the full potential out of a 1/2 pump. I tried to insert the URL so you could take a look at it but it said I was not allowed to upload that type file
  9. I'm building my first rig and have decided to go with air vs 12 volt. I need some advice on which pump to purchase. After reading the forums for hours the 1/2 inch pump is the way I want to go. It seems the Yamada and All-Flo pumps are held in high regard on the forums. Pressure Washer Products has the All-Flo 1/2 inch priced at $625. it's rated at 17 GPM, an Ebay seller ( realdealzzz ) has two Yamada NDP 15 FVT rated at 13.5 GPM. I guess my question would be, am I overlooking other quality pumps available at better pricing? I noticed Chris Tucker uses the Yamada pumps and I have to believe he uses the best. Any input or direction would be greatly appreciated. Also I'm ready to purchase tanks. If I'm looking at Northern Tool, Tractor Supply, etc. is there any tank material that I need to avoid or are most ag tanks made from acceptable material?
  10. I became a Premium member a week or so ago. New to roof cleaning and going thru the set up process to be ready and up and running for the start of Spring. I contacted Univar locally ( about six miles form me ) and set up an account for SH purchase. Seemed everything was fine until I was contacted by their Corporate office and was told that since the address I used for the account setup was residential they would be unable to service that account. I used my home address when I incorporated my business and don't have a business address. Has anyone ran across this situation with Univar and figured a way around that policy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Tim Triad Roof Cleaners
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