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  1. It will cleanup just like every other roof cleans up. You will probably need at least 40% and maybe 50% ratio to get it clean and might have to hit some of it more than once but it will work. I would tell the owner the algae stains will be gone when you leave but the lichen will still be there but not very noticeable and dead as a hammer. It will decay and weather off in a few weeks. Also, don’t be surprised if those tiles “bleed” color when you clean them. It won’t hurt anything but might scare you if it happens.
  2. Anyone close to Jonesboro Arkansas? I have a referral for you. Please let me know asap. Thanks
  3. Top speed fully loaded will probably be less and mpg will probably be 10 or less. However, instead of worrying about mpg, spend that energy getting just 2-3 more jobs each year. This will more than offset the difference. Remember, it’s WAY more important to focus on how many than how.
  4. I’m not a fan of these type of vehicles unless the passenger compartment is sealed off from the back. You need to make sure you and passsengers are protected in case of a wreck. Having unsecured equipment hitting you could be fatal. Having your bleach tank, gas tank, etc. leak on you obviously wouldn’t be good either.
  5. I have a possible asphalt shingle cleaning referral.
  6. I would like to see your source to confirm this is fact. No offense intended to you at all, but roof cleaners and pressure washers seem to repeat everything they hear and read as fact without every really knowing if it's true or not.
  7. I am sure some will disagree with me on this but I think the bleach does all the work and the choice of soap is more personal preference than anything else. Some smell better, some cost less and some are easier to buy locally but they all help the bleach stick on the roof and that's about it. I think if your mix is not cleaning as well as you think it should you need to add more bleach, not look for some magic potion with a fancy name. And why in the world do some people think a soap that doesn't suds up is better than one that does?
  8. Find me one professional roof cleaner that uses wet it and regret it. Just one. Good luck.
  9. I have 1" Aro pump, big HF ac, 1/2" air hose, 1" outlet hose to my 5/8" spray hose, no reel, 1" suction lines, and use a 3/4" ball valve and pipe gun and shoot 75' all day long. Make sure you have your filter regulator hooked up with the flow going the right direction. Eliminate as many 3 way ball valves and 90 degree elbows as possible . Unreel all of your hose when you need distance and lay it out in big loops with no sharp bends or coils. EVERYTHING can restrict flow so keep it simple. And the shorter your hose the farther it will shoot. Period. Try this to make sure pump setup is working correctly. Using just your 1" supply hose let your ac buildup to max pressure then start pumping and see how much mix or water it will pump in 30" and reply to this message. I will check mine Thursday and we can compare. If you use mix be careful! It should come out hot and heavy.
  10. I am considering switching my setup from an enclosed trailer to an open trailer for several reasons. I am curious if anyone has any opinions on whether a utility trailer with the rails around it is better or if the flat bed trailer without the rails is better. Thanks in advance.
  11. I would try a blend of beach, soap and water. If that doesn't work then more bleach and less water.
  12. The fact that algae does not damage the roof is actually a GREAT thing for roof cleaners. Think about it. Why waste money cleaning your roof when it's badly stained if the algae has already damaged it? I have cleaned some of the worst looking roofs imagineable and I have seen ZERO evidence of it being eaten or destroyed by the algae which is a good thing because once it's cleaned it's fine. Algae grows on gutters, siding, concrete and just about anything else that doesn't move. It doesn't eat those anymore than it eats shingles. IMO promoting roof cleaning to stop the damage from algae is misinformed and even unethical. Sell your roof cleaning primarily based on the undeniable truth: a dirty roof is ugly. That's all you need, especially the more expensive homes that are mostly roof anyway. The organisms that do damage the shingles are lichen and moss. Lichen literally roots into the shingles and moss holds moisture both of which cause damage. Often times both are present along with algae and eliminating them WILL extend the life of the roof. Also, don't be fooled by ARMA. They really don't want roofs to be cleaned, they want them replaced with expensive algae resistant shingles. They have traditionally tried to make it sound like roof cleaning can be done but unless done EXACTLY right probably won't work well, won't last long and could cause damage to the shingles.
  13. I don't recall you ever mentioning Price brand pumps before.
  14. They can pay me with cash or check or PayPal or cc. I use Square to run the card in person right in front of them or to input the number over the phone. They can also go to my website and use the "make a payment" button. They can also pay by cc directly from the invoice I send them from my CRM. So, anyone that is concerned with giving out their info to me has other very easy ways to use a cc. I figure I am no more at risk handling their card than a clerk in the store or a cashier in the drive through or the person taking my order online.
  15. I agree with you Kevin and I think that is what he should do to get started-a cheap water separator and a coil of hose and If he has lots of issues then he needs to get more serious about it.
  16. More than likely if you do have issues it will be very sporadic. You might go weeks without anything going wrong then one day you have to unhook your quick disconnect on your airline to the pump once or twice which fixes any stalling issues every time then you might go weeks again with no issues. Like CAP said above, don't over think it. It will drive you nuts and usually won't happen anyway.
  17. I suggest you keep everything as simple as possible, especially in the beginning. If and only IF you learn over time that you need to go with something more complicated do it then. I seriously doubt that going to the trouble of running your air line through the buffer tank is even worth considering at this point.
  18. The choice between sizes doesn't have to just either/or. You can have more than one hose size if you want. I will guarantee you two things about the 3/4" hose-it will spray farther when you need it and it's major overkill 99.9% of the time when you don't. I totally agree about using the extra distance of the bigger hose when you need it for safety reasons to keep you off the roof but dragging it around to do a simple house wash or easy roof will get old in a hurry. The 5/8" hose with a 1" pump and a big ac will reach 99.9% of the roofs I do and I do mostly tall steep roofs. I get an easy 75' of distance horizontally. The key is keeping the other restrictions to a minimum. Eliminate unnecessary 3 way ball valves, avoid a trigger gun and use a 3/4" ball valve pvc pipe setup instead, don't use a hose reel unless the manifold is at least as big as your hose, unspool all of your hose and make sure it has no sharp turns in it, etc. and experiment with spray tips. Most importantly to max distance use the shortest length of hose you can! Any setup will spray farther with 75' of hose versus 300'. I use 3 sections of 5/8" hoses approximately 75' each with no hose reel and I camlock them together as needed. I keep an eye on the camlocks and have had zero issues with them coming apart, leaking etc. Just be careful when dragging hose around by relieving the strain on the joint by grabbing behind it same as you should do for the spray wand.
  19. I have been using Slo Mo for the last few jobs and the stuff is AWESOME! It's crazy concentrated so it only takes a few ounces to do an entire roof. It also seems to clean extremely well and rinses easily. Try it you'll like it! I will definitely buy it again and nothing else.
  20. They will call you and say that people in your area are looking for roof cleaners and that is probably true. What they don't tell you is that they are only IMPLYING these people are looking on Homeadvisor. They make it all sound really good, too. I guess it gets easy to make it sound good when it's all you do all day if you remember which lines people tend to fall for and use them. Leads, SEO, first page of Google, blah, blah, blah.
  21. 1" air pump is a good option. However, if you buy a used aodd pump for any roof cleaning operation be prepared to be disappointed. Chances are very good the pump will be 10 years + old and parts may or may not be even be available. Be prepared to have the used pump crap out in a year or less and then having to try to learn how to repair it IF you can find the parts and it's NOT easy to repair the air end if you've never done it. Time is money and spending an entire day or more working a pump doesn't cut it. Save yourself a lot of headaches and just buy new. It may cost you more up front but having a crapped out used pump AND a brand new one isn't cheap either!
  22. The Eaton is a fine air compressor I am sure, but I know big HF ac is a beast because I have one and it will give you all the air you need. If you can afford the size and weight, the bigger air tank and smaller price tag for the HF make it a good choice, IMO.
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