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  1. Chris, I don't see 80 PSI on the Northern pumps. I do see 5.5 @60PSI. Would that do for a 2 story roof shot from the roof line? I am going to buy in the next few weeks and was hoping that I could build a 12v system that could be used for both roofs and house washing. My funds had to be used for vehicle repair, so I an severly limited until I get a few cleaning jobs done.
  2. Product looks good, but what makes it any better than other surfactants?
  3. All that for nothing. They don't take listings from businesses that don't have a location that customers can visit.
  4. Hi folks. My name is Derryll and I'm owner/op of Aquatek Facility Maintenance in Poughkeepsie, NY. For the last two years we have been servicing commercial accounts with janitorial and low rise window cleaning. We also do some residential window cleaning. We are currently researching PW and roof cleaning and should be ready to offer these services in the Spring.
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