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  1. Any news as yet?? Or is this related to the other post? http://roofcleaninginstitute.org/topic/1258-the-wait-is-over-introducing-the-outlaw-roof-cleaningchem-pump-system/
  2. Perfect answer as always. thanks. Is this one to get? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/MARINE-CONTINUOUS-DUTY-UNIVERSAL-SOLENOID-RELAY-SWITCH-STARTER-12V-VOLT-24117-/400756666614
  3. Ok stupid question time. Please be nice If you replace the relay switch with the solenoid, does the pump pressure switch still work. i.e are they the same thing I also have an FB2 set to 60psi on demand. So I want to make sure that doesn't change if I add the solenoid. Hope i'm not completely missing the point but this part is new to me.
  4. Ready for feedback on the results yet? I'm very curious.
  5. Yeah, in fact I just purchased a 100psi, 5gpm pump and when I got it, it was a 60psi pump with 12mm ports. I called back and they tell me that it's maximum open flow rate and can be dialled up to 100psi if you know what you're doing. SERIOUSLY!!?? I thought when you buy a banana, you get a banana, but apparently these days you get a Turkey.
  6. Welcome back. After pics would be awesome! Can I ask you what you charged for this please? PM me if you like, otherwise no worries. I'm in Sydney so was just curious what it cost to do that level of clean.
  7. They should photoshop in a harness and rope then
  8. LOL Happy birthday Gary. I accidently fell upon this post so I think it's a little lost. That's why there's no responses.
  9. Good find, looks awesome and ships worldwide! Problem is, it doesn't say how many gpm?
  10. I thought this was funny. It's the picture on the homepage of Sydney's most prominent roof cleaning website/company. So many issues. no harness or safety rope pressure washer on steep incline pressure washer jet going straight up under the tiles. there's probably more I don't notice too
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