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  1. Chris will never steer you wrong when it comes to roof cleaning. He had these pumps, and they dumped on him when he needed warranty help. A lot of people in the industry are aware of the problems with these roof cleaning pumps, mostly because of his advocacy for something better and the other people who have had issues with them. I'm sorry people were bashing you on facebook. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry has access to the internet now, and that is the result. Before smart phones, not everyone could get online, so things were much better then. Although you also had the results of many people being anonymous online. Anyway, back to the pumps. It's unfortunate they still tell people it's made for roof cleaning. Just take Chris's advice and keep it clean. At the same time, prepare for some upgrades/changes in your equipment to make life easier.
  2. Crazy how slow forums have become after flakebook came along. I still prefer the forums to that medium.
  3. Welcome Thomas. Funny, you have the same name of a roofing company we handle roof cleaning referrals for here in Jacksonville, Florida. We have a few roofers that we do work with or handle their roof cleaning referrals for.
  4. Welcome Dustin. For hauling water, you would only need a CDL if you have over 10,000 lbs GCVWR. It's the SH that you need to worry about. You can only carry 1000lbs of it. I am positive if you see black streaks on roofs, there is a market for it. Believe it or not, even my area of Florida people are mostly uneducated about roof cleaning. We've been changing that for a number of years now. The market here is saturated, but not with high level professionals. The first thing to do is forget what anyone else is doing in your area. Lead the way forging your own path. Those other guys will come and go. Some will stand the test of time, some won't. The thing I always say is if you're focusing on their business, you're not minding your own business. Businesses that get the most attention grow the fastest, so put your attention on yours. I operate like there is nobody else on earth that does what I do. There are people who claim to do similar things, but it's not what you do, it's how you do it that matters. Good luck on your new venture. This forum is the best place to learn about roof cleaning, and you'll get a lot of help growing your business here too.
  5. Hey, welcome aboard. We're glad to have you. Are the raccoons hard to keep still while you're washing them? lol j/k...great name!
  6. Even though the forums have slowed down due to the major migration to facebook and other social media, the RCIA is still the best place to go for roof cleaning information and training. This is still the best roof cleaning organization out there, led by one of the true pioneers of zero pressure roof cleaning. Anyone else on the fence about joining the RCIA, don't be. It will literally be one of the best things you ever did for your business.
  7. This is the section on metal roof cleaning https://roofcleaninginstitute.org/forum/7-metal-roof-cleaning/ I think your mix just wasn't strong enough, and you didn't have a good enough surfactant to help it stick! There are more things to know about metal roofs, so read up and ask questions. I do a lot of metal roof cleaning here in Jacksonville, Florida, but we also do a ton of tile roof cleaning here because they're very common.
  8. Hi Mike. Welcome to the best roof cleaning site on the internet! Is asphalt all you clean up there?
  9. Welcome back. Ireland is a wet place, but rain makes the algae grow so it can be both good and bad for business.
  10. Get a website if you don't have one already. Start building content and images of your work. Becoming a full member here gives you access to direct help in some of the stuff you need to do along the way.
  11. Hi Don. You just give Chris a call and he'll give you the test verbally. It's well worth the time to become certified here. The RCIA is a big help to your business, and having the backing of the people here is worth a fortune. Glad to see you joining.
  12. It is slow because you're new. Once you get well established, what you consider slow in January will be your busiest time now. Our phone rings constantly, we live for a little slowdown, but we don't get it many times. Unless you're living where it snows, I'm in Florida, so it's different for me. We're about to start washing down the pollen already!
  13. That's a phenomenal price for a roof cleaning. You better study up quick, and be super careful. Roof cleaning is tricky to get right, especially your first time. With that kind of profit, you should be able to join up and become a full member. Then you'll have access to all the information you need, and access to the best guru in the business. Good luck, you got a great price on that roof.
  14. Welcome to the forum Kavon. You've come to the home of the world leading experts on roof cleaning. You will find great support as a premium member, and we're glad to have you. Be sure to join the RCIA facebook group also.
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