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  1. pure junk. Tubes are thin. It vibrates like crazy. I went to rebuild and it was never the same.
  2. Hey, Im glad we talked. I would of bought a small compressor.
  3. Im dumping my junk udor system and going air. What size compressor is needed,.
  4. Thanks I had mentioned that scenario to him but he wants his tile back. Im guessing wash the roof, and see where we go from there. Ill offer to have the roof painted and possibly sealed.
  5. I have a job to bid on a roof where the homeowner had a black tile roof painted black. The painted faded in a years time, He then had a guy pressure wash it to get off the old paint , the roof is now white and im guessing oxidized, He wants a price on getting out all the old paint, removing the oxidation, full cleaning, and restoring the title back to its original condition. , Can this paint be removed, I dont want to pass this up if it can be done. I do have sprayers if needed. any clue on what can remove the paint?
  6. Ah yes , the price wars. As a contractor when I set upon a price I base it on many factors. As a shopper you may feel you want the best deal. BUT is the lowest price the best deal. Come on, you know the answer to that. It is no. I did a roof cleaning job the other day for a set price, the owner had said," I paid the same thing last year but the guy also did my house and driveway" ( the guy who looked like a pro, Pressure washed the roof after being told not to, He peeled off some paint from the door step, He broke an outside lamp and he never finished the house. What do you think this poor service was from? His price was too low, His experience was either non existent or his morals were. I redid the job for a higher price and well it came out great. I took the time to do it right, I charged accordingly. I am running a business, this means I have insurance, I pay my taxes, JUST like you!!! Why would you hire someone that doesnt. AT neilson cleaning we are not the cheapest and we are not the most expensive, We charge accordingly. My price includes my professionalism, quality of work, my legal business status. If it is not in your budget to hire a pro, then save up a bit. you will be glad you did. www.neilsoncleaning.com John Neilson (386) 956-3406
  7. Shingle Roof cleaning is a necessity for the beauty, curb appeal, and pride of ownership, but most importantly, for the life span of your asphalt roofing shingle. As I drive around Deltona Florida I notice a lot of algae infested roofing. It is easy to identify because of the dark stripes on the roof. Asphalt shingles do not change color. When you notice the algae on the shingles it is already way over due for a cleaning. Neilsons roof cleaning will be happy to give you a quote, We use a non pressure system to wash your roof. Your asphalt shingles, Barrel tile, or Metal roof is safe with us. Give us a call, we may be more affordable than you realize. John Neilson (386) 956-3406 www.neilsoncleaning.com www.Facebook.com
  8. That looks great, Hopefully With a now clean asphalt roof that home will sell for its owners. Not only is the roof cleaning necessary, it can lift your morale with Pride of ownership. Your doing a great job in Jacksonville Florida.
  9. Hello, My name is John Neilson. Owner of Neilsons Roof Cleaning . We provide Roof cleaning and pressure washing to communities in Seminole county as well as Deltona, and others in Volusia county. We wash Barrel Tile roofs, Flat tile roofs, shingle roofs ,and metal roofs. I use the term washing because with the change of technology in cleaning solutions and soaps, the old fashioned way of using high pressure to clean is outdated. High pressure will damage your roof. If you have a shingle roof you will notice it has granules on it. Asphalt shingles were developed in the late 1800’s. Roofing manufacturers learned that coating the asphalt roofing material with granules extended the life of the shingle. Granules on a roof have four main purposes. They are the protection of the asphalt coating from UV light, add coloring and beauty, provide fire resistance, and add to the aid in shingle packaging. In today’s market, shingles are available in a wide range of colors and styles with 20 year lifetime warranties. One fact remains constant: all asphalt shingles have granule surfaces and manufacturers recognize granule asphalt shingles will not last forever, thus the wide range of warranties. As a shingle ages, it loses granules as the adhesion qualities in the asphalt dissipate. The older the shingle, the more granules are released, consequently the less ability the shingle has to resist the weather elements. If a contractor or homeowner uses a pressure washer to clean your roof then they are literally destroying the roof product. NEVER, NEVER let some one put a pressure washer to your roof, Even at a lowered pressure it is still too strong. We use a dedicated low pressure pump to clean your roof, It is softer than rain. John Neilson (386) 956-3406 (407) 900-2724 www.neilsoncleaning.com
  10. Yes, Interesting how Chris says to let TSP sit in the water overnight, Im guessing No more than 10 gallons, I would not want to make my mix just to find i made it too weak. I do not always see the job before I bid it.
  11. Thanks Mr T. Is TSP good for all roofs or just the bad ones?
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