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  1. Here you go. 8000 sq. foot home. Big boy pants for this one.
  2. Checked out the roof today and it's not stone. More like these above. Possibly reclaimed French Flat roof tiles. Looks like these things will soak up the mix like a sponge. Maybe you FL guys have seen these but here in the north east not so much. I'm still thinking standard mix but I think I'll do a test area first. Any tips for this.
  3. Anyone ever clean a stone roof? I haven't checked it out but the customer says its stone not slate. I imagine the standard roof mix would work just fine. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  4. Here's more information than you'll need about building your own. https://pressurewashingresource.com/community/t/diy-softwash-metering-system/9874/321
  5. I was just looking for a nice little 100 footer and was surprised the 3/4 wasn't available. I have 250' of mean green and an assortment of others so it's no emergency. Glad to hear they are still going to offer 3/4.
  6. Looks like they are only selling 5/8 now. Not many looking for 3/4 I guess. First Mean Green now this. Close enough??
  7. These have a great grip. Mine are a bit loose so they may run a little big. Stuck in a drugstore gel foot bed so they are super comfortable all day. Only one complaint. The top of the boot can rub and irritate your leg so a longer sock is necessary. The next pair I'll order a size smaller. https://www.shoesforcrews.com/sfc3/index.cfm?changeWebsite=us_en&route=c_store.viewDetailsOfProduct&partnumber=5004 I have these for this year but haven't tried them out yet. Shorter and less bulky. I don't think the grip will be as good but not so boot like. They look better too me. More of a summer look, rather than wearing winter looking boots when it's 90 out. We will see if they stand up as well. http://www.xtratufboots.com/product/Xtratuf-Performance-Rubber-Ankle-Deck-Boot/mens-xtratuf-new-arrivals?c1=FAC_CM_NW&source=SPRT&kw=Ankle_Deck_Boot_-_Sport&cr5=Ad2
  8. If you are using your old injector It's probably not the right size for your new machine. This is your answer. "order a 5-8 GPM injector from Bob. I keep a few on hand. http://pressuretek.com/adamsinjector.html "
  9. Here's a dual feed injector. I don't know if it works or not. May be worth a try. http://stores.kecsupplies.com/gp-dual-chem-fixed-injector-2-1mm-hi-draw-100790/
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